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Toy Soldier Art


Toy Soldier Art


It is not replicating the old mass-production style of tin toy soldiers.  You will not find it in the fussy historical replication of military miniatures.  Toy Solder Art lies between the two, capturing the spirit of excitement and fascination of toy figures while expressing the character of the soldier.  These are neither toys nor historical representations.  They are art working with the milieu of the toy soldier and the spirit of his very real counterpart.

            The completed figure is part toy, part history, and all an expression of mood and character.

            To be bluntly honest, I believe that it would be very difficult for someone to do Toy Soldier Art unless he had been a Soldier or Marine himself.  Without the experience, it is so hard to understand the feeling that comes with long marches, the clink and bump of field gear, wet canvas, C-ration dinners, and spent ammunition.  That feeling is necessary, for it is imparted through Toy Soldier Art.

            Figures may come from the same molds, but through Toy Soldier Art, no two are ever truly alike. Each one is unique, crafted by the hand of a true artist who understands the soldierly experience. 




Honor Guardsmen

The Honor Guardsmen are an application Toy Soldier Art to honor those how have served.  How fitting it is!  No mere replication of toy or collectible, each Guardsman a little work of original Art. 



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Here are various aspects of Toy Soldier Art

What makes it art?

The Classic G.I. - The standard American soldier, circa 1944 - 1980.

The Flamethrower Guy - A simple trick or two turns one Flamethrower Guy into a handful.

The Afrika Korps in Tan - classic toy figures of Rommel's troops

From Classic Soldiers to Other Troops - a little trick or two turns a classic green soldier to something else.

Classic Poses Part 1 - the poses and weapons of toy soldiers and their art.

Classic Poses Part 2 - more poses, more soldiers, more art.

Color Your troops - A little paint goes a long way

Berlin Grays and Spies - Painting yourself new armies with the same old troops.

Unique Troops - Something a little different

More Color Tricks - vary the paint and vary the soldiers

Off-Sized G.I.s. - A head shorter than regular Army Men

Knightly Art - Toy Soldier Art goes Medieval

Knightly Fun - More knightly artfulness

Homecast Figures - A variety of other soldiers

New Additions - Assorted soldiers and other figures

Dragons! - A host of Reptilians

British Castle

Another British Castle

What Makes a Great Toy Soldier?

OMOG: Playing with Toy Soldier Art

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