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Our Other Sites

The Army Men Homepage - not exactly Railroad, but it covers the other great toy of the 1950s: plastic toy soldiers.  See a gallery of vintage soldiers, spacemen, cowboys, Indians, Pirates and others.  Lots of info for collectors, nostalgia, humor, and even some free battle games.  If you're into classic toys, you'll love it!

All Gauge Train Hobby Discussion Group - a place to talk trains, get advice, trade notes and discuss the hobby. Our email group on Yahoo

All Gauge Forum - a regular, organized forum for discussion of all scales and aspects of the train hobbies.  

Train Runner's O/O27 Forum - special forum for O gaugers to discuss trains, trade jests, etc.

All Tin Time - Photo galleries of our collection of tins and tin litho and tin toys and more.  All kinds of tins!  And we include some tin trains, too!

All Miniatures and Holiday Villages, too! - Our collection of miniature figures, from village miniatures to toys to the unusual and unique!  There are also miniature houses and other mini things, plus a complete course in making better holiday villages, vignettes and dioramas!

All Wargames and Wargaming - Our site of information on games with toy soldiers of all kinds, all eras.  Great links to free games, resources and more

Electric Train Makers

O / O27

Bowser makes O trolleys, roadrailers, figures, and special items.

Lionel - the biggest maker of O and O27 trains. Large site has catalogues, hobby info, and plenty of support.

Marx Trains makes tinplate / tin-lithographed O gauge toy trains in the style of the original Louis Marx company.

Mike's Train House manufactures O / O27 trains, track and accessories

3rd Rail Trains manufactures O gauge trains in short runs

Williams manufactures an assortment of O / O27 gauge trains

Weaver is a maker of trains  in O Gauge

Atlas - primarily a maker of N and HO, but recently they added O.  Info on products, hobby support, etc.

GarGraves Trackage Corporation makes its own brand of three-rail O track.

S Gauge

Lionel  now makes the American Flyer brand of trains

The Showcase Line of S Gauge trains made by S Helper service

HO & N Scale

(major producers)

Athearn  makers of excellent, affordably-priced HO locomotives and car kits

Bowser  trains makes HO & N rolling stock, detail parts, figures, locos and specialty items

Atlas Model Railroad Co. produces fine HO and N scale locomotives, cars and track products

Bachmann makes HO & N trains and train sets, scenery kits & figures. Also produces Plasticville kits for O & S gauge.

Kato USA - imports Japanese-made HO and N trains and track.

Life-Like Products is a well-known maker of scenery as well as HO & N trains, scenery kits, operating signals, etc.  Also makes O scenery & signals

Marklin is a German coimpany that makes HO and Z scale trains.  (Site is in German)

Marklin USA imports Marklin's HO and Z trains. Site is in English!

Micro-Trains Line makes N scale cars

Walthers is mainly a maker / importer of HO & N trains ,scenery and accessories.  They also carry some O, S and G scale items.

G Gauge / #1 Gauge / Scale

Aristo-Craft is a source of G Trains and Accessories

Bachmann makes G trains and sets

Hartland Locomotive Works  makes excellent G trains, especially old Western types

LGB of America  imports the LGB line of G scale trains from Germany

Lionel - produces various G gauge trains

Marklin is a German coimpany that makes #1 scale / G gauge trains

Marklin USA imports Marklin's #1 scale scale trains.

USA Trains - makes locomotives and rolling stock for G gauge.

JLM Trains - makers of reproduction Lionel tinplate trains, also does repairs and restoration


Maker of other Supplies for All Scales

Mt. Albert Scale lumber - they make superb miniature lumber for scale model work - (imagine if we had this 20 years ago!)

Kadee - makers of operating couplers and related gear, for all scales. Also make HO freights.

Johnson's Roadbed - makers of the American Flyer type rubber roadbed, for O, O27, S and Standard gauges

For more N, HO, and Z scale sites, check with the NMRA website

Magazines and Periodicals

For Toy Train Operators and Model Railroaders

Railroad Model Craftsman*

NMRA Bulletin

Trains.Com (Kalmbach Publications)

Railmodel Journal

O Gauge Railroading

S/Sn3 Modeling Guide Magazine

Finescale Railroader


Periodicals for Railfans


Railfan & Railroad Magazine

Railpace Newsmagazine

Eastern Railroad News

The Railroad Press

(Magazines marked with an asterisk * are those to which we ourselves subscribe)

Clubs and Organizations

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders - O and HO gauge layouts, #1 O Gauge club in New Jersey.  (I should know - I'm their webmaster and O Gauge superintendent).  O Gauge layout is always running, always active.  We have loads of fun . HO?  Maybe those guys will run a train some day.....  

Saskatoon Model Railroaders - great how-to articles on everything from hand-laid track to structures - must see!

Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum: a mecca for Marx toy & train fans, exhibiting classic Marx toys and Marx train layouts.  Museum is near the old Marx factory in West Virginia

Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Dept Christmas Garden  Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Dept.Annual Christmas Display - This is one of the most amazing websites on the Net, especially for train buffs.  It is a massive seasonal display that includes trains, animations and miniature villages. Photos and videos.

National Model Railroad Association - big organization with massive website, great info and links for model railroaders.

National Association of S Gaugers - organization serving those who model S Gauge

Valley Ntrak of Connecticut - Connecticut Ntrak chapter, modular N scale railroading using the Ntrak system.

Flower City Train Trackers - message board, photos and info for O Gauge modula group based in Rochester, NY

Toy Train Operating Society - for operators and collectors of toy trains

Ives Train Society - for enthusiasts of the Ives Trains

The Train Collector's Association - for collectors of tinplate toy trains

Lionel Collector's Club of America - for collectors of Lionel Trains

North American Rail Alliance - online groups of people worldwide who model North American railroads

Resources for TT, OO and Z

Because these scales have little commercial support,and have relatively small followings, we are listing reliable resources.


S. Berliner, III's Z-Scale Model Railroad Page - Sam has the most comprehensive Z gauge site we've seen - it's massive.

TT Scale Group - Yahoo group for TT scale

TT - has resources for American TT, including history, facts, links, etc.

Railroad and Model Railroad Websites

Pine Creek Railroad (NJ Museum of Transportation) - fine little narrow-gauge railroad in Allaire State park - they have steam, diesel, even a Shay - must see!  (Our favorite prototype railroad!)

Railfan Net - the best network of railroad-oriented sites, bar none!  Constantly up[dates, with scores of member sites - hey - we have a site there, too!  

Bill's Railroad Empire - started as nice N scale site, and it grew to a nice big site: with instructions on layout and scenery work, layout pics, N info, photo galleries... .lots to see

Jersey Central N-Trak: Modular N scale club that does some amazing work - massive modular layout, detailed scenery, 100+ car trains - great bunch of folks, too!

George Schreyer's Large Scale Trains Page - don't let the plain look fols you.  George's site has some very useful resources. There is even a reprint of an The US Army Corp of Engineers Military Railways Handbook for 1917.  Definitely worth a visit!

S Scale Model Railroading is a wealth of information about S Gauge.  

Collecting and Running S Gauge trains - lots of photos of Chris's layout here, with more to come

Display Planning and Building - online illustrated lessons in making a large Holiday display with trains, buildings,. etc.  The display is a seasonal 18 by 44 pike with trains and over 100 animations.  

The O Gauge Toy Train Page - loads of resources of O gauge - many old links, has not been updated in years!

Micro Layouts for Model Railroads: a large collection of tiny layouts, most under 4 square feet!  Carl's innovative plans can fit a model railroad in even the smallest spaces.

Model Trains - Find information on model trains, model train sets, accessories, and layouts, find Lionel and Bachman model trains and discount model trains.

Train Doc's Roundhouse - Pennsy fans will love it!  Sal, the "Train Doctor," repairs locomotives.  Great info, links and more

Colin's Pictures of Classical Toy Trains from times gone by - from New Zealand, great photos of Hornby, English Marx and other vntage O gauge trains and layouts.  Must see!

Collecting Model Trains and Dept. 56 Buildings - interesting site focusing on O gauge with the Department 56 collectibles.  It's a modern collector's Tin Scale.

Binn's Road: Welcome to the Wordl Of Horby-Dublo...and Meccano...and Dinky Toys.... - everything about classic British toy and model trains -fantastic!

Lionel Lines - small personal site focusing on Lionel O/O27

Railway - lots of great resources, with an emphasis on railroad software and free downloads

William Eric McFadden's Site: here's a site with Marx, O/O27, N scale and card modeling plus other interesting fare- clean, easy to navigate, too!

Badger Creek Lumber Company - interesting site with layouts, photos, scratchbuilding projects and more.

Alco - GE -IR Boxcabs Page - Sam Berliner's work on classic boxcabs is a trreasure for fans of those early prime movers.  As with Sam's Z Scale site, the information is copiousand detailed.  There is also extensive coverage of electric boxcabs, and boxcabs from other manufacturers.  Defintiely cool!

Bill's Home Page - pics of O Gauge running for fun, with Amtrak info and more

Larry's Tracks & Trains - O Gauger's website with photos and info on O Gauge, layout pics, and pics of real trains

O Scale Trains - small site with pics of the N&W J and Dreyfuss Hudson in 1/48

The Railroad Express - photo gallery of a hi-rail O layout with some interesting dioramas.

The Klazy S RR Page - photos, track plans and rosters of a Washington state O Gauge railroad.

Toronto Transit Modeling - photos and information on modeling traction (trolleys) of Toronto, Canada, mainly in O Gauge

Central Missouri and Southern - Mike's website features an HO pike with excellent logging and mining operations. 

Rusty Stumps - model RR website that promises to be quite a sight!

Boylerwerx - Catt's entertaining N scale site, soon to add On30 as well.  Plenty to see here! at -  Features an immense amount of information on model railroading with Marklin.  Everything from model making to wiring to discussion forum to and digital technology

uk.rec.models.rail Unoffical Website - - a website devoted to the British model railroading newsgroup, includes news, hobby information, links to British and non-British sites.  

Dyserth Road - Nick Gurney's fascinating 2' by 8' point-to-point OO layout featuring modern British rail operations, with plenty of photos and information

Craig's Home Page - feature's step-by-step photos of the building of a layout, starting with the benchwork.

Bill Parisi's Island Valley Railroad - O Gauge railroad site with layout, step by step photos of its construction, O Gauge info and more

John's O Gauge Trains - website featuring an O Gauge railway , with photos, information and links - worth seeing!

Jim's Hobby Calculators (Jim's Dollhouse Pages) -  Jim Collins has assembled a hobby calculator that converts real dimensiosn to scale.  This is the most complete calculator out there!


Pine Creek Railway at Allaire State Park in New Jersey, featuring genuine Narrow Gauge trains. Operating steam and diesel - all the critters you can stand!  Our favorite railroad!

Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum: a mecca for Marx toy & train fans, exhibiting classic Marx toys and Marx train layouts.  Museum is near the old Marx factory in West Virginia

Forums, Message Boards and Newsgroups

O Gauge RR Magazine Forum - forum for O Gauge trains.

Railroad-Line forums - busy forum for discussion, model railroading and railfanning..

Trainboard.Com - another busy forum for railfanning and model railroading.

The Gauge - forum with model railroading and railfanning

Internet Train Club - online forums, classified ads, etc

All Gauge Train Hobby Discussion Group - a place to talk trains, get advice, trade notes and discuss the hobby. Our email group on Yahoo

Choochooauctions - this online train auction has a message board for all scales.

Railserve search engine, forum, classified & model & proto RR links

Rails USA - forums, classified ads, search engine, etc

Large Scale Central - forums, classified and other Large Scale resources

MyLargescale.Com - user-friendly Large Scale forums

Model Railroads.Net - forums, plus links to model RR resources

Model Railroad Newsgroup (rec.models.railroad)

HO Model Railroad Newsgroup (alt.models.railroad.ho)

British Model Railroad Newsgroup (uk.rec.models.rail)

Australian Model Railroad Newsgroup (aus.rail.models)

TT Scale E-group - fourm / email group discussing TT scale

S-Trains e-group - forum /email group discussing S gauge and 1.64 scale

N Scale e-group -forum / email discussion for N scale

Z Scale e-group - forum / email discussion for Z scale

Marx Trains e-group - forum / email discussion of Marx trains

Lionel Super-O egroup - forum for discussion of Super O track


Island Trains - Specializes in O, also has other scales.  Best prices on O Gauge: Lionel, MTH, K-Line.   

 The Scale Card - a series of cards and rulers that give precise conversions and measurements for each scale, from 1/12 to 1/220. Makes it very easy to work in your favorite scale accurately!

Dave's Trains, Inc - Postwar Lionel Trains - nice assortment of Postwar and pre-war Lionel, American Flyer and some Marx - nice prices.  Dave also has added Soviet-made O Gauge to his site and inventory.  (Soviet Postwar?)  An archives section on the site covers the Russian-made trains.

JLM Trains - makers of reproduction Lionel tinplate trains, also does repairs and restoration - Alan Dechant makes all sorts of fine things, from very realistic miniature telegraph poles to aluminum display shelves for O and HO. He also carries some railroadiana and other products.  Good prices, too.

Faux Toys: - Imaginative products for tinplaters: printed conversion "faux tin-litho" kits for Marx tin cars and locomotives  Fans of tinplate will love it:  Also coming: faux tinplate buioldings and accessories.

Vienna Station ( - Ray has a huge selection of original tinplate, scale and plastic Marx, pre-war and postwar Lionel , Ives, Haffner and American Flyer.  Good prices, too.*

JDP Limited - Debbie and Jim have a nice selection of Marx, plus pre-war and postwar Lionel.  Most items are illustrated with photos.*

Train City - Charlie Siegel deals in new and old trains, especially classic O gauge and tinplate. He's got an interesting inventory and there's always something new.*

Choochooauctions - a great online auction for all kinds of trains - we prefer choochooauctions to the big auction places.*

Mike Soebbing's Model Railroad Page - Mike makes excellent scale trees in a variety of sizes and types.  The site also has HO information.

Western Hobbycraft - O Gauge supplier who also produces models of the Johnstown-type trolleys (in several road names) in 2 and 3 rail O versions.

The Western Depot -  they carry trains in all scales and the major O/O27 brands.*

BC Junction Embroidered Railroad Garments - makers of caps, shirts, jackets, etc. embroidered with RR logos - wide selection of heralds available

Minicraft Tools - The General Store - all kinds of craft, precision and specialized tools for the hobbyist.  (Where were these things 20 years ago?)

American Flyer Trains - vendor of vintage American Flyer S and pre-war O gauge and accessories, etc. - carries supplies for various hobbies, including trains.

(* = Recommended - we've bought from them and liked the results)

Special conditions apply to vendor links - email us for details

Paper and Card Models

Card models are an excellent resource, especially since some kits are detailed enough to rival plastic or wood.  Here we list places where you can download the kits online.

Space Station 42 - has free downloadable kits, including many useful as scenery

Iceberg Paper Model Links - loads of links to superb kits, many of which would make fine lineside scenery.

BeePa's Place - has VERY nice HO scale planes and N scale buildings.

Saul's Paper / Card Model Page - comprehensive site with links to many downloadable card kit sites. - This is nice selection of card models sites, in Dutch.  (English readers should have no problem here - site is very well done)

Children's Fun and Craft Sites

We get many children coming here, not to mention harried parents  Trains were toys before they were models, after all..  Here are some site for kids - and yes, it will give Mom & Dad a break, too.

Craft sites have a lot of ideas, and since many of today's railfans have more than one hobby, might be quite useful. - loads of free craft projects for children, with reviews and more.  Great way to get the children away from your trains for a while.

Crafters Community

An online community of crafters. Projects, tutorials, kids crafts, resources and more. Learn, share ideas, and meet other crafters.

Jim's Hobby Calculators (Jim's Dollhouse Pages) -  Jim Collins has assembled a hobby calculator that converts real dimensiosn to scale.  This is the most complete calculator out there!

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