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The Honor Guardsman



Ordering Your Honor Guardsman


Why Your Honor Guardsman is Unique


Your Honor Guardsman is proudly made in the USA by an American veteran. 


Each Honor Guardsman  is hand cast and hand painted in the USA. Every part of the process is done in America by an American veteran.


Your Honor Guardsman  is painted in the timeless style of the classic U.S. G.I. and Marine.  This figure is a miniature icon of the American serviceman during the days when U.S. troops first liberated the world from oppression.  He symbolizes the ideals of honor, service and freedom. For over 65 years, the classic American serviceman in green fatigues and steel helmet has represented liberation to the people of the world.  As such, he is a fitting symbol of American military service in all times.


Because he is hand cast and painted, no two are ever exactly alike. That makes him one-of-a-kind.  We take the time to do each individually rather than assembly-line style production.  The result is a unique figure painted just for you.


Honor Guardsmen stand a little over two inches tall. They are small enough to carry in your pocket or pocketbook.  At this size, they will not obscure or block the inscription on a grave marker. They are large enough to be instantly visible.

We make all of our figures as one-piece castings.  This means that there are no other parts. One-piece castings are better able to resist weather, humidity and temperature.  Multi-piece castings have parts which are glued or soldered. Those pieces may fall off, as they are vulnerable to weather conditions. With our one-piece castings, there are no pieces to fall off.  Your Honor Guardsman remains intact in rain, snow, cold and heat.



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Honor Guardsmen are available at the introductory price of $21.99 each, with free shipping in the USA

(Overseas shipping costs extra.  Overseas customers must email us before ordering)

Choose from three different styles of Honor Guardsmen




Standing Firm

Ever Vigilant

Moving Forward

Standing Firm : Rifleman standing at the ready.  (Due to peculiarities of casting in this mold, he may or may not have a bayonet on his rifle- castings vary)

Ever Vigilant: Vehicle Crewman with binoculars.  Especially popular for those who had been armored & mechanized troops and forward observers.

Moving Forward : walking rifleman walking with pack and gear.  The classic infantryman on the march .

Most figures are painted in light sage green. A few are painted in a darker fatigue green. If it makes a difference which one you receive, please let us know.

Actual size of Honor Guardsman is 2 3/16" tall (54mm)


For Civil War Buffs


One of the great passions of many veterans is the study of military history.  Tops on the list is the Civil War.  There are many serious students of that great conflict.

At the request of friends, we have created a Civil War Guardsman for the veteran who was also a Civil War buff.  Like our regular Honor Guardsmen, we hand cast and hand paint these ourselves.  These are one-piece castings.  Because of the varieties of interest among Civil War students, we offer two poses.  Each pose is available in Union Blue and Confederate Gray.  As with our other guardsmen, no two are exactly alike.  Each is painted to be unique.














Standing Watch


Standing Watch


Actual size of Honor Guardsman is 2 3/16" tall (54mm)



Custom Work


We can customize our work for you.  For instance, if you prefer an African American or Asian American Honor Guardsman, we can do it.  We can customize uniform colors, markings, etc. Email us with your request, and we will let you know if it is possible. Most custom work can be done at no extra cost. Some special requests may require an additional fee.

Examples of Custom Work


Custom figures of a paratrooper in red beret, African American infantryman and Airman in Air Force Blue


Shoulder Insignia: 82nd Airborne Division, 1st Infantry Division, Air Force rank patch





Warning: Not a toy


For weather resistance, we use an alloy that contains lead. It makes the Honor Guardsman able to withstand cold, snow and rain.  However, lead is not safe for children.  The Honor Guardsman should not be used as a toy.

Because the figure is entirely covered in several coats of primer, paint and protective sealing, he can be handled safely.  Your hands will not be touching bare lead. 

Also, understand that the alloy can be slightly brittle.  Do not drop or throw your Honor Guardsman.  He is painted and crafted to withstand weather, but he is not made for rough handling.

(If you drop him and anything should break, he can be repaired with "super glue.")


Payment, Shipping, Etc


At this time, the Honor Guardsman is available at the introductory price of $21.99.  That price includes shipping and handling costs within the USA.  We also accommodate APO and FPO orders. 

Overseas customer have to email us before placing their order so we can adjust shipping.

We try to ship as quickly as possible. 

Normally when items are in stock, you will get your Honor Guardsman within two weeks. However, this is a hand made product and there can be delays, especially in summer.  (We can only cast on clear days when the temperature is lower than 83 degrees. Humidity in high heat adversely affects casting.)  Allow up to four weeks delivery. For custom work, add another week.

Inform us immediately if there are any problems.  We try to do our best to prevent them, but dealing with the Post Office has its moments. We can fix or correct most problems for you.

Honor Guardsmen are non-refundable.

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Actual size of Honor Guardsman is 2 3/16" tall (54mm)

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