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The Honor Guardsman

A Symbol of Remembrance for a Departed Veteran

 A token that recognizes his service in a unique and reverent way.


When visiting the grave of a beloved veteran, you want to leave something behind.  There are times when the usual things are not practical.   Flowers might not be appropriate.  Someone may already have placed them, or there may be restrictions imposed by the cemetery.  The flag may have already been placed by someone else. 

What do YOU leave behind, then?

The Honor Guardsman is a small, miniature soldier who symbolizes service to the country. Leave him on the gravestone as a gesture of your reverence for your beloved veteran and his service. The Honor Guardsman symbolically stands watch.  In effect, he is your veteran's "honor guard for a day."


The Honor Guardsman Story


        My wife and I were going to visit her father’s grave at the Veteran’s cemetery. Harry had been a Marine.  He was very proud of his service to the country. Harry was also a tough, practical man.  He had a biting sense of humor that had often stopped me in my tracks. 


            Among the many things that Harry and I agreed upon was the issue of flowers.  Harry was not the kind of fellow to adorn anything with flowers. He would not have seen the point of people spending money on them just to place them on his grave.


            Audrey and I decided to visit on July 4th, which would have been Harry’s birthday.  I had an idea. I pocketed one of the tin soldiers I had made.  It was a classic “army man” in green fatigues and steel helmet.  That soldier had become an icon of freedom in the 1940s and remains so to this day.  He did not look much different from the Marines of Harry’s day, nor the Army of mine.


       At the cemetery, we made our way to Harry’s grave. I reached into my pocket and retrieved the small tin rifleman. My wife was surprised that I had brought it.  She watched as I placed the figure on the bronze marker.  It took a moment for the two of us to find just the right spot.  Once satisfied, we stepped back .


“I like that,” she said, “He would like it too.”


The tin infantryman was Harry’s honor guard for the day.   


There was something about that old fashioned tin rifleman that looked just right.  It was appropriate and it symbolized our feelings.  Harry would not have wanted flowers, but he would have appreciated the figurine.


When we told this story to friends, several were so impressed that they asked if we could make our handcrafted miniature soldiers for them, as well.  They suggested we make these soldiers available for others.


We coined the name Honor Guardsmen because each is a miniature honor guard for a day.."


Now you can get one of our unique, hand crafted Honor Guardsmen. They are available today.


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photos are enlarged  Actual size of figure is 2 3/16" tall  (54mm)

About the Honor Guardsmen

All Honor Guardsmen are hand cast, hand crafted and hand painted in the United States by a veteran.  Each is cast of an alloy that can resist the ill effects of weather.  Each is primed and then painted by hand, so that no two are ever exactly alike. 

 Your Honor Guardsman is sent with a remembrance card.

All you have to do is take him and place him on your veteran's grave


Why not toy soldiers?


  There are many toy soldiers and “military miniatures” out there.  Almost all of them are mass-produced in countries such as  Red China and communist Vietnam . Look at their labels. Would you want to place an item on a veteran's grave that was made by the same people who fought against him?


You will not find former enemies of America handling our products!  Ours are individually crafted here in the USA.  We do it all, from melting the metal and casting to painting and packaging.  No part of our Honor Guardsman is made overseas.  You have the assurance that this item is made by Americans, not the people our veterans fought.



Your Honor Guardsman is proudly made in the USA by an American veteran. 


You can choose from a variety of Guardsmen to pick the one that best suits your veteran.  Click below to see them all.


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Actual size is 2 and 3/16 inches tall (54mm)


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