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You can find us here:


From our Trollwise Press site, you can find our Uncle Thor’s Artillery Park. It has numerous articles, downloads, archives of Uncle Thor’s Magazine from the 1990s and mucc more

You can also purchase our books on Norse Tradion, magick, spellcraft, Runes, Heathenism, Paganism, divination, Myth & Magick and more

Here are our Video Lessons and Discussions


If you want to contact us, try thortrains@comcast.net

We run websites on other hobbies and things:

All Gauge Model Railroading Page at http://www.thortrains.net

Army Men Homepage http://www.armymenhomepage.com

Toy Soldier Art http://www.thortrains.net/toysoldierart

Milihistriot http://www.milihistriot.com

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