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Rune Musings: The Naud Rune, Gravity and the Black Hole

Naud – Gravity and the Black Hole

The ultimate symbol of Naud is the Black Hole of astronomy. The Black Hole is such a heavy pressure that even light cannot escape it. In fact, light that gets too close will be pulled into it. (At least, that is the science circa 2017) The Black Hole is the inexorable push / pull inward.

For the most part, Gravity is a more benign action of the Naud principle. Gravity keeps us from spinning into space. It also draws things together. Gravity is what keeps our Moon in orbit, and what maintains our Earth’s revolutions within the Solar System.

Naud is the inexorable pull. Breaking gravity, as in a rocket launched into space , is actually overcoming the pull of Naud with a greater force. On the other hand, air travel never quite breaks free of gravity. Aerodynamics allow aircraft to get off the ground, but not so far that they are free of the pull of gravity.

The Nova is an exploding star. It casts its remains far out in all directions. In effect, the burst has freed it from the gravity that held it together. The Nova is a Hagal Rune thing: the scattering burst. The rocket’s blast off is more of a Thurs Rune thing. Indeed, both Runes can be used to counter Naud.

Naud is also the vacuum in its aspect of naught, nil, nothing. A vacuum pulls things into itself so as to fill the void. Here we see another examples of the Naud principle.

Back to that Black Hole. Around it is something called the Event Horizon, the line from which nothing can escape the Black Hole’s gravitational pull. Indeed, it is thought the pulling power of the Black Hole is greater than the speed of light. Here is an extreme form of Naud in action and is worthy of further investigation.


Theories of gravity vary. The Newtonian theory claims that the greater the size of an object, the greater the gravity. Einstein’s theory is that gravity is the effect of an object in Space-Time. Is the Einstein theory an example of Naud acting in the milieu of Space-time? Keep in mind that matters of space, time and Space-Time are attributes of the Raido Rune. On the other hand, consider the Black Hole. This is something to ponder.

This will keep the astrophysics enthusiasts among us busy for a while!


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Rune Musings: The Hagal Rune – Run For Cover!

Hagal – Run For Cover

There is an instantaneous quality to the Hagal Rune. Its suddenness hints at a degree of unpredictability. All too often, Hagal arrives with little or no warning. One minute, all is well. The next: boom! Everything is amiss and some can never be put back together.

I am reminded of the Centennial Park Bombing that happened over 20 years ago. People were at the park having a good time, as usual. It was a happy and until that moment a safe place. Suddenly, without warning, the bomb exploded. It had been packed with things that acted like shrapnel. Lives were changed forever in that instant. Two people died and 111 were injured. Some victims experienced a permanent change due to the maiming caused by the bomb.

Since then, our world has seen more than its share of terrorist bombings. It is a sad sign of the times that terror attacks continue. (I write this the day after a second vehicular assault on a bridge in London followed by stabbings.) Their suddenness, unexpectedness and rampant damage bring to mind one of the more dire aspects of the Hagal Rune.

Hagal is a Rune of scattering. The thing itself shatters. It also causes everything in range to scatter. As we see in the terror incidents, people scatter away from the epicenter of the event. The sudden shock, horror and imminent danger cause people to flee in all directions. They wish to run to safety.

Another analogy is a squad of soldiers suddenly subjected to machine-gun fire or mortars. ( Both are Hagal type weapons.) The soldiers scatter and take cover instantly. There is no hesitation on their part. Hagal takes a neutral place and makes it so dangerous that people must flee.

The most literal interpretation of the Hagal Rune is hail. Anyone who has been in a hailstorm knows what it does. The pelting ice pellets can sting and worse, depending on their size and velocity They make people run for safety, abandoning whatever they were doing before the peppering of ice fragments. Instantly, one’s focus of attention switches from whatever he was doing to seeking safety. In effect, Hagal clears the streets of living beings. People, pets, birds and livestock all hurry to escape the pelting.

Hagal transforms an otherwise mundane situation into one so dangerous that people must move to protect themselves. A storm, an explosion or other attacks, or a natural disaster may be at the heart of it. What we are exploring here is how it transforms an otherwise safe event into one of great peril. The result is a scattering or people and animals, all seeking to find safety from the danger.

In other words, “Run for cover!”


Here is a set of Rune attributes using an interesting version of the Futhark. We continue to use our old names for the Runes rather than proto-Germanic.

Rune Interpretations


Rune Musings: Wunjo Rune – The Spice of Life and Reason to Live

Wunjo – Spice of Life, reason to live.

Let us begin by noting that Tyr unites within itself for action. The Wunjo (Joy) Rune unites out of harmony borne of happiness.

Why would Joy be included with the Runes? Is it a spiritual principle?

Yes, it is. I have noticed that Joy is essential to thriving. It is the difference between merely being alive and having a life worth living.

Much misunderstanding is a carry-over from conventional religion. The word that comes to mind is solemn. Grim. Serious, often to the point of stodginess. Though they may speak of the “joy” of their God, many of their services are solemn and even austere. Among the congregation, there is nary a smile to be seen. Granted, not all monotheistic denominations are this grim. A large enough percentage are more solemn than joyful that we need to address it.

Another part of the joylessness of conventional religion is the belief that this life is just a test for a promised afterlife. They feel that they must sacrifice happiness in this life to gain eternal bliss in the next. The unfortunate sacrifices made in that pursuit strain the joy out of living. In doing so, they abandon the spiritual principles which is the crux between existing the thriving.

Let us take on the afterlife nonsense. This world is as spiritual as any other. As we live today, so shall we live when we get to the afterlife. The next life is just a continuation of this one. Living joyfully now will carry over to the next life, and the next.

Joy is an expression of completeness. One cannot be completely alive without it. Joy partakes of the things of this world and that which is in oneself. This world is where we abide, so we do well to take joy in it. Just as the Ase Rune is a Rune of Good that we can experience, so the Wunjo Rune takes joy in the Good. Joy is the extra step toward happiness and self-expression. It propels the baker to make a delightful pie, the gardener to create a beautiful display of plants and flowers, and the hobbyist to make exquisite miniatures. Wunjo does not isolate or stay in one place. You can feel it in things made with joy and places that are the abode of joy.

Even animals express joy. Birds chirp from happiness. Dolphins play in the sea. Kittens play with their litter-mates. There are many examples in the animal kingdom of creatures expressing joy. Obviously, this principle symbolized by the Wunjo Rune extends beyond humanity.

At times, the Wunjo Rune reminds me of the electromagnetic waves of physics. It can act like a wave flowing forth, or a field connected to a place or thing. Music is an example of its wave-like tendency. Music flows forth to please all who hear it. Odors can also waft outward like a wave. The smell of a freshly-baked pie, a hot bowl of soup and blooming flowers seem to emanate forth. On another level, the power of Wunjo can spread from one to another in great waves. One might call it contagious.

There are things that hold the Wunjo power like an electromagnetic field. Things made in a spirit of joy tend to hold some of that power within themselves. They can be anything from handcrafted furniture to works of art to a souped-up automobile. (And though they look messy and oily, the fellows who love working on their cars express enough joy to light a stadium!) That which brings joy and that which is made joyfully is likely to retain some of the Wunjo energy within it. Even things that have long been neglected may attract joy. I think of old train sets found in attics which spark the enthusiasm of another generation. The joy of the original owner gives them added appeal.

Of course, that which is imbued with Wunjo is most likely to resonate with those who have that wonderful sense of joy. People of a happy nature unconsciously connect with that which is joyful. On many levels, there is an affinity between the two. Likewise, joyful people tend to connect with those of a similar spirit.

By contrast, those who lack joy invariably lack the pleasure of living. They go about their daily lives in joyless routines. Many are so concerned with intellectual matters, from the cost of things to their perceived burdens of life, that they let their feelings dwindle. The faculties of emotion, intuition and inspiration diminish while a false sense of obligation and futility increase. Joyless souls go through the motions, doing what they think is necessary and little more. Their own spirit makes their life one of toil and drudgery. Having known people like this, I can understand the necessity of joy. Because the Wunjo Rune symbolizes a spiritual principle, its absence must be an abnormal state. Those without joy strangle it out of their lives. Some learn to do this as children living in a solemn household. It may even be a religious thing, where the young are taught that Spirituality is the realm of grim deities who proclaim this world as evil or unspiritual. The lack of joy can also happen to those who have experienced a loss or a series of setbacks, and as a result have become discouraged or grim. Restoring the flow of joy to these people may not be an easy task. Yet without it, their lives are a miserable repetition of daily routines with no end in sight.

Life needs Joy. The Wunjo Rune represents a spiritual principle that is essential to living in this life and the next. To embody joy is to express a Spiritual faculty and power which transforms all it touches. Wunjo also hints at the reality of religion: joyful Gods and joyful spirituality whose goal is joyful living.


Two things come to mind from my own expeirence. I like making miniature soldiers, from casting the metal to painting them. The result is more than a feeling of accomplishment. The other thing is trains. While the little O27 trains are a lot of fun, I also enjoy seeing the real trains. Both things evoke joy. There are many hobbies, many pastimes, and many everyday things in which a person may find that added slice of happiness.

My wife and I marvel whenever a NASA probe to Mars or to Jupiter, Saturn and beyond send back pictures. The same goes for some of the science documentaries, be it astronomy or oceanography or whatever else. Life is vast and one is not limited in the things in which he or she can find joy. Be it science or entertainment or even that slice of cheesecake at the diner, occasions for each of us to touch the Wunjo Rune are frequent, if not constant. Find those things which bring you joy. You will light not only your own life, but those around you, as well.


My great aunt Mary was a retired schoolteacher in her 80s. She had gone blind because of old age. That did not stop her. She took great delight in space exploration and her favorite baseball team, the New York Mets. Visiting Aunt Mary was fun. She always knew the latest news on NASA and other scientific discoveries. This was back around 1970.

Aunt Mary had taught school in a one-room classroom. I think of it as a form of multitasking. She said that when people stop learning, they stop living. Think about that. Over the years, my own experiences and observations have proven it true.


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Rune Musings: The Gyfu Rune as Peacemaker and Equalizer

Gyfu: Peacemaker and Equalizer

It is said of Tyr and his Rune that Tyr is “…no reconciler of men.” Tyr is a unifier, but he
is not a peacemaker. Contrast this with the Gyfu Rune. For gaining peace, Gyfu is the great equalizer. It is the Crossroads and the confluence of two separate routes. By extension, Gyfu provides a connection between two different things. It establishes a balance between the two and a means of reconciling them. Just as a Crossroads brings two roads together, so Gyfu is the common ground between two or more different things.

We need to look at Gyfu as a reconciler and equalizer. The Rune itself is the Gift, the act of Giving and Receiving, Sharing, Sexual Intercourse, the Crossroads and the Bridge. Gyfu is also an agreement and a contract, both of which are an exchange of obligations. “I will do this if you will do that….”

Within Gyfu, one might also find the cease-fire, the truce and the armistice.

Contrast this with the Tyr Rune, which is a Rune of conflict. In Tyr, there is no agreement or reconciliation. There is only competition with the goal of victory. The Unity of Tyr is not uniting with another, but being unified within itself. An individual, a group, an army are of one mind, following one plan to achieve one goal. The goal is not to unite with the opposition, but to defeat it through unified action.

The Gyfu Rune seeks an accord. Its goal is to bring two or more things together for a purpose. In the Crossroads, it takes two different routes and makes a confluence. This makes both routes accessible from one point. As a bridge, it unites two points that would otherwise have been separated. In Sex, it unites the opposite poles of Male and Female. We can take this further to the realm of human relations at the level of individuals, groups, larger entities and nations. Here, Gyfu seeks to overcome unbalance and discord by first making common ground between two or more entities. It then extends that commonality into a genuine exchange and agreement. Wherever there is an accord, there is the Gyfu Rune at work.

Exchange and interchange hint at cooperation. Both sides must be willing to offer at least a degree of cooperation in order to make a contract or bring a truce. Things are done by all sides for mutual benefit. In effect, there is a degree of equalization that puts all sides on a similar footing.

Let me reiterate: With Gyfu in action, the goal is mutual benefit.

Obviously, The Gyfu Principle is essential in matters of trade and commerce.

All agreements are an exchange. Just as the most literal interpretation of Gyfu is an exchange of gifts, so an agreement is an exchange of terms. The “gifts” are the actions taken by each side for the mutual good of all. In this, they are equally obligated. The Gyfu Rune is an equalizer.

Gyfu is a peacemaker. It works to strike a balance between two or more things. In this, a new state of affairs is created. An agreement between hostile parties leads to a truce or peace. A contract between two parties enables cooperation toward a mutually-desired goal. Each gains something. The exchange of promises is much like an exchange of gifts. Gyfu puts all sides on an equal footing so than an accord can be reached. If you ponder the various things attributed to the Gyfu Rune, you can get a feeling for its power to equalize and bring two or more things to a single point of accord.


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Rune Musings: Ken Rune – Portable Fire, the Spread of Ideas and Knowledge

Ken – Portable Fire, the Spread of Ideas and Knowledge

The Ken Rune is a Rune of knowledge, exploration and discovery. It is a revealer of facts. One facet of the Rune is signals, such as lighthouses, railroad block signals and traffic lights. These convey specific knowledge to those who see them. Lighthouses warn of shoals and may be guides to inlets. Railroad signals tell the locomotive engineer when to stop, go, slow down or increase speed. Traffic signals inform motorists of when to go and when to stop. Signals of all sorts are messengers conveying their specific messages. Ken is a Rune of messages.

Part of the Ken Rune symbolism is the Torch. Unlike the bonfire or hearth, the Torch is portable. As an analogy to knowledge, it can carry the message. The Ken Rune can also spread knowledge far and wide. We need to consider this. The sharing of knowledge makes change on a wider scale. The more who know, the more who can implement that knowledge and also pass it along to others. History is full of incidents where an idea took root in one place and spread to distant lands, where it was embraced.

An interesting example is the potato. These plants were indigenous to North America and were unknown in Europe. When Europeans finally arrived in America, they sent back the potato and the knowledge to cultivate it. The plant quickly spread across Europe, from Ireland to Poland. It became a staple of the diets of several European countries. Keep in mind that it was the knowledge of how to cultivate the plants that are an expression of the Ken Rune.

Just as one torch can light a hundred more, so information spreads. Today, radio and televison distribute information on a wide scale. This is the Ken Rune principle in action.

I like the image of fire being passed from one torch to light another, and another. It is a good depiction of the principle of spreading knowledge. Another is of torches used to set a field afire. The spreading flames are like the flow of knowledge spreading far and wide. The burning brush is like those eager for the knowledge.


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Rune Musings: the Raido Rune, Time and Space and Relativity

The Raido Rune, Time and Space and Relativity

The wheel is a very good symbol of Raido. As the wheel rotates, in draws a straight line. And if we push the wheel in a straight line, it rotates. Here we see the linear and circular as one thing.

The wheel traverses distance, hence it is a Rune of Space. Doing so is not instantaneous, and so Raido is also Time. Here we find the modern scientific concept of Space-Time and the whole Theory of Relativity. Speed affects distance and even the size of the thing that is speeding. However, this is not mind candy. Our GPS (Ground Positioning Satellites) are accurate only because Relativity is included in the calculations. Without it, the GPS would become increasingly inaccurate.

Movement, distance and the time to traverse them are all part of the Raido Rune. So it is that something as simple as a bus schedule or as complex as plotting a course for a probe to Mars both hinge on the same principle. This is the issue of time and distance.

I have often recommended that to understand Raido, one might visit a bust transportation hub. Train stations and bus stations illustrate the Rune in action, especially when various modes of transportation connect at one place. Whether transferring to another bus or going from bus to subway, the concept of connecting via time and distance is enacted in a very physical way. Connecting via time and distance is an important aspect of Raido. This is how railroads and airports and commuter hubs operate.

Looking back, I used to commute to work. The journey requires three trains. One was the local interstate commuter line, and the others were subway routes. At each point, I transferred from one to the other. There were other circumstances where I took a bus to the commuter line, and then rode the commuter line to a railroad station. The last leg of the trip was a train to the Shore. Matters of travel are Raido issues.

We also see Raido in action in the turning of Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars. That the movement of celestial bodies can be both a calendar and a clock ought be no surprise. A clock indicates movement through Time.

Taking a more literal look at Raido as a cart, I am reminded of the old stagecoach lines. Many operated on a schedule, and that means Time and Distance and rolling wheels.


Rune Musings: The Ase Rune Getting Pulled off Your Feet

The Ase Rune Getting Pulled off Your Feet

In healthy spirituality, the person has a balance of the inspirational and the practical side of things. Those who have strong spiritual experiences may take a while to reconcile the two. The psyche takes time to assimilate the spiritual incident and regain balance. It can take from a few hours to years. Fortunately, spiritual experiences are usually of a lower intensity and any adverse effects fade in hours or at most a few days.

Spiritual experiences tend to come spontaneously. They are indicators that the individual is going in a generally good direction. Normally, they come when the person is very lucid and unhindered. Mine always came when I was a of a very clear mind.

A mild experience might leave one a bit surprised. It may seem to others that the individual having the experience is distracted for a few hours. He still functions fairly well, and the effects are soon gone because the psyche can easily reconcile it. A stronger experience can leave the individual very distracted and confused for days and even weeks. As his mind gradually reconciles the spiritual episode with his other experiences, so he gradually regains his balance.

A heavy, powerful experience can have more of an effect. The mind has a hard time reconciling the inspirational experience with the phenomenal life. Such a person many minimize his everyday reality in favor of its inspirational counterpart. He may become distant, esoteric and mystical. I have known of people hit with a strong experience to take up to five years to regain the balance of the inspirational and the practical.

One of my experiences led to a change in thinking. The result was an expansion in my perception of things. The inspirational experience had happened at just the right time to excite my growing understanding. Still, it took about two weeks to get both feet firmly planted on the ground again.

You cannot ask for these experiences. They do not come on demand. inspirational experiences come on their own, at their time and under their circumstances. They have their merits, but in the grand scheme of spiritual growth, are minor episodes along the way.


A version of this sort of thing has been known to happen to Christians visiting their “holy land” in Israel. They become enraptured with the whole thing and decide to stay, acting and sometimes dressing like ancient prophets. The Israelis are used to it and take them with a grain of salt. The people themselves think they are on some Biblical mission from their God. Most get back to normal within weeks to a few months, but a rare few spend several years at it.

By the same token, our Gods do not want you dressing like Erik Rauda and singing Wagnerian operas on the street corner.


Rune Musing: Thurs Rune’s Bad Breaks

Thurs – Bad Breaks

Thurs is projected force. The issue many do not consider is the strength of the thing projected by that force. Can it withstand the impact and, more importantly, can it affect that which it strikes?

I think of the time I punched something harder than part of my fist. Projecting the force was no problem. However, the force and the projectile were not sufficient to damage the target
There is a reason why boxers wrap their hands before a fight.

The antitank guns of the World War II era were very Thurs in nature. They used direct fire and velocity to penetrate enemy armor. The battle was a matter of the projectile versus the armor. A projectile needed enough bulk and velocity to break through hardened steel plate. Many guns proved underpowered against heavy tanks with extremely thick armor. Again, the projected force only worked when the projected object was sufficient.

I have seen tools and other objects break when the target proved sturdier than the object striking it. With tools like hatchets and hammers, the weakness was usually in the handle. All the force one could muster was useless if the handle failed on impact.

Here we see the Force of Thurs dealing with Strength of Urus. Sufficient strength has to be in the item that is projected by Thurs force to withstand impact and affect the target. The amount of resistance a target has to a projected thing is a matter of Strength. It is not always being stronger than the projecting force, but the item that is projected. Great force will not compensate for a bullet that shatters, an axe that breaks or a punch that injures the puncher.

The projectile has to be as strong or stronger than that which it impacts.


Anti-tank guns, rifles and other direct-fire weapons are attributable to the Thurs Rune. Indirect fire weapons such as howitzers and mortars depend on the explosive within their projectiles rather than impact. They are connected to the Hagal Rune.

Munro effect munitions such as HEAT rounds do not depend on velocity, but an explosive principle that projects a jet of energy that melts steel. These are Thurs weapons because the operating principle of their warhead is projected force.


Rune Musings: Strength by Contrast

Urus – Strength by Contrast

A recent bout of illness gave a me a very personal reminder of the place of Urus. One day, I could not catch my breath. I moved toward where my bottle of nitro was. Before I got there, my knees buckled and I slowly collapsed. Any strength left me. I could not rise nor take that extra step to get the nitro. There was no way to contact anyone and nothing else I could do. Lying on the floor, my only thought was, ‘This is it.”

A minute later, breathing normalized. A few more minutes and I was able to get up. Strength slowly returned. I got the bottle of nitro, took one, and then moved to the couch.

Sometimes we appreciate a thing when we are confronted by its absence.

I am amazed at how certain types of illness and injury can sap so much of a person’s strength. For awhile there, bending down knocked the wind and strength out of me. The few steps on the porch were a tremendous effort. The simple act of showering left me exhausted. Going from the back of the house to the front meant making a couple of stops along the way.

Regaining strength has been an effort. It takes more than drawing an Urus Rune and a few spells.

Strength is a core thing. When present, it allows a person to go about easily. A lack of strength puts a person on the defensive, because he must find ways to compensate for his deficiency. A normally healthy person can go about without a care. He can walk, bend, and handle a wide range of tasks. The weakened individual must compensate. He cannot walk about easily, but must make concessions for his lacking strength. The lesser strength must be portioned, like making several stops where a normal individual can go the whole route without the least bit of strain.

A lack of strength means a person must be cautious. He must conserve what he has and portion it carefully. There is also many a halt to replenish one’s strength. And if the think of Urus in its aspect of wildness, the normal person can be spontaneous while the weakened one dare not.

We see by contrast that Strength, as embodied in the Urus Rune, gives is Independence and Freedom. It allows us to proceed uninhibited, with confidence. A lack of strength limits Freedom and requires us to proceed cautiously. And while the Offensive may be embodied by Thurs and Tyr, Urus keeps us from feeling vulnerable and defensive. An Urus defense is strong resistance. Lack of strength / Urus means minimal resistance.


Rune Musings: Fe – A Handful

Fe – A handful

In my booklet “Wonders of the Fe Rune,” I describe Fe in a very different manner. Be that as it may, one thing I have noticed is that unattended Fe tends to dissipate and meander.. Start with the premise that cattle are the Fe of their owner and soldiers are the Fe of their commanders. Left unattended and unfenced, cattle tend to wander and meander in all directions. Soldiers who are unsupervised tend to wander off. Assets that are untended will dissipate in all directions.

Fe has to be managed and maintained. It does not just lay there. Depending on the asset, it can age, tarnish, deteriorate, scatter or dissipate when left alone. Fe has to be directed and kept in good order.

Milk as Fe has to be kept cool to avoid spoiling.
Fish as Fe has to be kept fresh to remain edible.
Eggs as Fe have the be protected and handled carefully to avoid breakage.
Investments as Fe have to be watched and managed lest they lose their value.
Equipment as Fe must be maintained lest it lose its ability to perform.
Talent as Fe must be kept in practice so that one does not lose one’s touch, be it art, music, sports, etc. We see that to maintain talent, one must train consistently.
Livestock as Fe must be fed and kept healthy lest it become sick.

Owning Fe is not enough, by itself. Possession of an asset requires attention to maintain its value. Fe incurs responsibility. The penalty for neglect is loss of the asset through decay, attrition or dissipation. Cattle are an apt symbol of Fe, as they require care in order to remain valuable.


Here is a set of Rune attributes using an interesting version of the Futhark. We contiue to use our old names for the Runes rather than proto-Germanic.

Rune Interpretations

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