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What Makes Great Science Fiction?

What Make Great Science Fiction Science fiction should be more than entertainment. Great science fiction should make you think. It needs to challenge the status quo and ask questions that many fear to ask. Science fiction should not only show the range of possibilities, but also consider their ramifications. This is why certain books, movies […]


Are You Somebody?

The purpose of life is to express the individual that you are. In order to do that, you must be somebody. Though being somebody is really simple, many people never get it. You do not have to try to be somebody. You do not have to strain. Relax into it, because the great secret to […]


Heathen’s Peace

The peace to accept science without first reconciling it with theology The peace to live without the burden of dogma. The peace to accept and enjoy this life as it is. The peace that we can focus on living this life, knowing that the afterlife will take care of itself. The peace to know that […]


The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude that works. Every year at Thanksgiving, Americans take note of those things for which they are thankful. This all sounds like a nice sentiment, but there is a pragmatic side to it all. And these days, both the sentimental and practical aspects of gratitude are more necessary that ever. We are […]


The Path to Wisdom is a Hard Road: My Insight

I had been cursed with bad luck almost from birth. I was put up for adoption as an infant. My adoptive family turned sour by the time I was 8 years old. They liked to take their problems out on me. Add to that the problem of high intelligence. It almost guarantees an outsider status. […]


2017 – Pre-Yule Message for Heathenry

This message is for Heathens (Asatru, Odinists, etc.) It is that season again. Merchants and manufacturers are ramping up their advertisements. Stores are preparing their Black Friday greed-fests, opening earlier and earlier. Many now open on Thanksgiving Day! The message is the same. Show someone that you love them by giving the most extravagant gifts […]


Religion and The Heart

The woman had been a member of a notorious cult for years. She had served it faithfully. Her husband, also a cult member, had been having troubles. The woman was told to go to the place where he had been working. On arrival, she was told that her husband committed suicide. Several of her co-religionists […]


Dreams Realized

Dreams Realized Many years ago, I knew a fellow named Howard. He was a bus driver. Howard was about my age. One day, he told me about his dream job. Howard had always wanted to drive a bus. Then Howard told me a revealing fact. He had made the front page of the local newspaper […]


Political Hatred: The 21st Century Bigotry

Just to reassure my friends: I do not judge you by the candidates for whom you vote, nor for your choice of political party. (I am opposed to Extremists on both Left and Right: Nazis, Communists, etc. Then again, I do not have any friends who are Commies, Nazis or other enemies of freedom.) Whether […]


Some Hard Facts about Violence

Ending Violence Much violence is done in imitation of what people see through the entertainment media. TV and Movie violence is very different from real violence. The brawls and gunfights on television are “cleaned up”, stylized portrayals of violence. Real violence is messy, painful and disgusting. Any doubts? Ask a veteran city police officer about […]

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