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My Other Blog: Thor’s Man Stuff

I have a new blog covering non-spiritual and non-hobby subjects. There is going to be everything there from Bowie knives to bulldozers. Be warned that it is NOT politically correct. Some of the material is far from genteel. But then, folks who know me know to expect that. https://thorsmanstuff.blogspot.com/ Enjoy and feel free to share



In the recent spate of cases of sexual harassment, actor Kevin Spacey was named. He was accused of trying to get frisky with young men. This had an immediate backlash. Among the responses, Spacey’s series “House of Cards” was abruptly cancelled. They were going to end it in two or three episodes. My wife enjoyed […]


Steve Hawking: Science for Us

The passing of Steven Hawking is itself extraordinary, as he was only given two years to live at age 22. It is also impressive that Hawking was acclaimed far and wide at a time when such is usually reserved for entertainers. Dr. Hawking expanded our understanding of our Universe. It is amazing that a man […]


The Buckwheat Story

When I was in first grade in a religious school, they used to collect money for “the missions.” There was a poster on the wall. They exhorted the children to give their pennies and nickels to this cause. Each time the money raised reached $5.00, they said that we helped “buy” a Pagan baby and […]


Father Fraud, A Cautionary Tale

One of my high school classmates got himself into several nasty situations. I don’t want to mention his name because articles about his misdeeds are still posted on the Net. Were someone using a search engine to get information about him, my page might pop up. So we will just call him TC. I was […]


Miracles or Mundane?

Forget the miracles promised in scriptures. They are tall tales, not much different from Paul Bunyan stories. It is best to regard them as folk tales rather than religious history. Real miracles are the ones we make for ourselves. This is not to say that miraculous things do not or cannot happen. They do. But […]


Beyond Gun Control: Solving the Problem of Deadly Violence

A long time ago up the country, hunting seasons were a time for firearms. Our family had several hunters and a variety of rifles and shotguns. They were in the closets when not out on a hunt. We were taught not to touch them when we were very young. When older, we learned gun safety […]


What Makes Great Science Fiction?

What Make Great Science Fiction Science fiction should be more than entertainment. Great science fiction should make you think. It needs to challenge the status quo and ask questions that many fear to ask. Science fiction should not only show the range of possibilities, but also consider their ramifications. This is why certain books, movies […]


Are You Somebody?

The purpose of life is to express the individual that you are. In order to do that, you must be somebody. Though being somebody is really simple, many people never get it. You do not have to try to be somebody. You do not have to strain. Relax into it, because the great secret to […]


Heathen’s Peace

The peace to accept science without first reconciling it with theology The peace to live without the burden of dogma. The peace to accept and enjoy this life as it is. The peace that we can focus on living this life, knowing that the afterlife will take care of itself. The peace to know that […]

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