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Rune Musings: Ing Rune – The Seed Thought

Ing – The Seed Thought

Some rune interpretations claim that Hagal is the seed. These are based on the work of a German kabbalist and occultist named Guido von List. I regard von Liszt’s work as a Hermetic attempt at the Runes and put little stock in his work.

The real catalyst is the Ing Rune. This is a Rune of fertility, among other things. (It is also a Rune of agriculture, of the hearth and of protection.) Specifically, it is male fertility. That means it is the thing that starts the process. It is ignition, the spark that starts a fire or lights a fuse. It is the sperm that meets the ovum which starts gestation. Ing is also that germ of thought that starts a movement, a revolution, a leap in technology, a step forward for humanity.

Ing can represent the power of an idea. And here I am in my element.

Many years ago, I began giving a talk called “The Power of an Idea.” And these many years later, I am more convinced than ever that one idea can transform a person’s life, an enterprise, and even a nation. One idea taken, nurtured, supported and put into action can take a dire situation and turn it into a shining success.

The basic concept is that a genuine idea comes with everything necessary for someone to eventually implement it. Eventually? That might mean five minutes, five days, five weeks or years. Each one is different. When the idea presents itself, the work begins. Ideas rarely transform just by popping up. They must be implemented. That means work and planning.

Many an idea has sounded good, but the person who received it lost interest. Maybe he let other things get in the way of the work needed to turn it into results. An idea will not generate results if the person who received it spends all his time in a gin mill or watching the television for hours on end. An idea will fail if he brags about it to friends, and lets these idlers eat up his time.* An idea will be stuck in the station if the person fritters from one thing to the next rather then focusing on making that one idea come to fruition.

The idea will grow and work for the one who works with it and lets nothing keep him from doing all that is necessary.

Thomas Edison had one idea that would make the electric lightbulb. The filament was the idea. Edison tested almost 2,000 materials before he found the best wire for a filament. He knew the idea was right and he worked to make it useable. George Washington Carver had an idea about making the peanut more useful. He knew that he had to subject it to heat and pressure. Subsequent experiments led to 300 new uses for the peanut. Another idea about the sweet potato lead Carver to discover over 150 uses for the plant. Bessemer had one idea and thereby was able to produce steel on an industrial scale. These all began because the individuals had an idea and worked to make results of it.

I used to lecture in a drug and alcohol rehab. One of my talks was the Power of an Idea. One fellow really took it to heart. Tyrell was almost done with his time in rehab. He had no prospects for employment and was only going to be able to stay with a relative for a couple of weeks. Because of antics during the addiction, Tyrell was permanently forced out of a line of work that he loved.

After I gave the talk, Tyrell came to me. He had a lot of questions. Something I said gave him hope that he could earn enough money on his own until a job came along.

Before his addiction took over, Tyrell had learned how to do silk screening and to use the patterns on t-shirts. His one idea was to use that skill to earn enough money for food and shelter. When he finished his time in rehab, he bought the gear he needed and set to work. Most of the shirts had slogans for people in Recovery. Tyrell sold them at meetings for alcoholics and addicts. The man made enough money to get a room and to eat. One idea – his ability to do silk-screening – gave him hope and the means to get back on his financial feet. It served as a bridge until he could find regular employment. Eventually he found a job he liked.

All it takes is one idea and the willingness to put it into action. One idea can make the difference. It demands effort and persistence in order to bring its benefits.


Many times when a new enterprise begins, idlers find it convenient to drop in and waste time. I believe they feed off the creative energy. Of course, they do nothing to enhance it. They are there looking for a place to waste time. Those beginning an enterprise, especially a home business, have to be fastidious in dissuading idlers. These people love to distract from the work with idle
chatter. Some will even have the nerve to try to tell a person how to run his enterprise.

A person who is beginning something has to ward off those who would impede it. That includes chasing off the idlers. Better they get hurt feelings than they contribute to the whole enterprise’s collapse.


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