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Rune Musings: the Eh Rune – Horse Magick

Eh – Horse Magick

The Eh Rune is symbolized by the horse. The horse as a spiritual symbol is found throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In Britain, for instance, the image of a horse was dug into a hillside. In Norse literature, we read of the head of a horse being used in a Niding spell.

Are horses magickal?

Let us start with one obvious thing: horses are not among the smartest creatures. Compared to dogs and cats, horses are dullards. It is on an emotional and intuitive level that horses attributes are notable. They tend to be loyal to those they consider friendly, be they humans or other horses. Many a cowboy and cavalryman has been quoted as saying his horse is his partner. The bond is stronger than that of an owner to a pet. When you consider the work of cowboys and cavalry soldiers on horseback, reliance on the animal approaches the intuitive.

Here we need to consider the horse in therapeutic terms. For instance, horses can play a role in therapy for various “special needs” people. We have a relative who is chronologically in his late 20s, but operates on a level not much higher than a toddler. One of the things that benefits him is a program that includes horseback riding. The program includes bonding with the animals. What is intriguing is that “horse therapy” works with a wide variety of people from the mentally and emotionally disabled to those whose problems are strictly physical.

A few miles from here, a stable has a program for helping veterans. The woman who runs the stable claims that connecting with the horses has a healing effect on those with mental and emotional wounds. This is not as odd as it may sound.

The facts speak for themselves. There are many horse-based programs for the disabled, “special needs” and individuals with PTSD. It has been going on for a while. Obviously, there is some kind of healing that can be brought about by contact between people and horses.

This is something that needs to be investigated further from a spiritual and especially Runic perspective.

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