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Rune Musings: Bjork Rune – The Peace that Allows Healing

Bjork – The Peace that Allows Healing. Space and Time to Heal

The Birch Rune is one of the healing Runes, among its many aspects. It is also a Rune of peace and is protective of the young. It also looks like a pair of a woman’s breasts viewed from above.

All this is well and good, but the healing and renewing aspect of the Bjork Rune is our focus right now.

Recuperating from illness or injury often takes time. The body must restore that which is damaged. A wound must be allowed to bind and heal. Organs ravaged by disease need time to regain their integrity. So it is with most medical trauma.

The Bjork Rune may affect a quick healing, but more often, healing takes time.

Time. Recuperation over time also requires rest and peace. It is hard to recover if the person faces hard conditions, or even moderate ones. Simple chores become difficult tasks when one is healing. Everyday stress compounds the difficulty. A person who is healing requires freedom from strenuous activity. For a time, all of his activity must be limited to accommodate the healing process.

An aspect of the Bjork Rune principle is to provide the time and space to heal. This is an outworking of Bjork as a Rune of Peace. This is not an abstract concept, but a practical one. Bjork’s peace aspect actually does something. In the case of those needing time to heal, the Rune can provide an atmosphere free of difficulty. This is the peace that allows the healing process to work unimpeded.

Bjork can buy time to heal and for infants to grow. This is a stable time. Contrast this with the Isa Rune which can also be used to delay or buy time. With Isa, the duration and stability are uncertain.


In Beowulf, one of the kennings for a woman is “peace weaver.” This has a direct correlation to Bjork, which is also a Rune of the Mother,


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