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Rune Musings: Tyr Rune – Unity, Brotherhood and the Greater Good

Tyr – Unity, Brotherhood and the Greater Good.

Tyr is a Rune of unity. I have often likened it to the thrust of the bayonet, where every movement of the body is coordinated in one motion to strike one target. Legs push and arms extend to put the point of the bayonet into the enemy’s most vulnerable point. This is a good example of unified action.

We see throughout history that the armies and enterprises that were most coordinated to fulfillment of their goal were the most likely to succeed. Unity of purpose meets unity of action. Whether it is an armored division, a basketball team or a marketing department, unity means success. On the other hand, a group that has discord in one or more of its elements is impeded by its disunity.

The Romans understood this. They designed their legions to operate with a singular purpose, coordinating their various element to work together for the one goal. If a legion lost its cohesiveness and became problematic, the Romans had a drastic solution. The unit would be lined in formation. Every tenth man would be executed. Our term “decimation” comes from this process. The threat was that if the legion did not regain it cohesiveness, it could expect another round of decimation. It worked. Unified by their fear of possibly being the next to be executed, the men of the decimated legion corrected themselves.

Part of Unity are the things that maintain a singleness of purpose. We see this in the camaraderie of soldiers. A sense of brotherhood within the ranks, be it military, sports or business, ensures cohesion. The Tyr Rune includes that sense of community which binds a group together. It is a mix of morale and teamwork. The focus is on being the We as well as the Me: the group and the Individual.

Tyr is a Rune and a God of teamwork.


We are warned that “Tyr is not a reconciler of men!” This means that Tyr is not a peacemaker. The peace brought by Tyr is through overcoming and eliminating opposition. While those within a unit may be cohesive, Tyr handles anything opposing it as something to be defeated.

As Runes go, Gyfu and Sig can be trusted to act as peacemakers.


Here is a set of Rune attributes using an interesting version of the Futhark. We contiue to use our old names for the Runes rather than proto-Germanic.

Rune Interpretations

You can get this Artistic Rune Font here


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