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Rune Musings: The Sig Rune and Freedom of Another Sort

Sig – Freedom of another sort

Winters in temperate times have their dangers. Modern folks are used to the conveniences such as heat and electricity. Wintry dangers are rare to us. Nonetheless, winter has always brought hazards that do not exist in the warmer times of the year.

Before the days of snow removal, winter made roads impassable and thereby isolated farms and small communities for months. A lack of fuel for the fire meant freezing. Damage to stored food could result in starving. Ice storms and avalanches were among the hazards out there.

The coming of the warmer months freed people from the limitations caused by winter. Food became more abundant. Cold was no longer a hazard. People could move freely. The roads were unblocked, and travelers going long distances could sleep outdoors. The effects of warmer weather gave people freedom to go about unencumbered.

Indeed, winter is cumbersome. Winter clothing is cumbersome. Winter tasks such as shoveling snow, chopping ice and keeping the heat add to the cold season’s burdens. Summer means no snow or ice, no protective clothing and no heating the house. Fuel is only used for cooking in the warmer months.

The Sig Rune has the power to unencumber and to reduce burdens. That is the type of freedom it provides. It reduces that which impedes. Just as summer releases us from the burdens and dangers of Winter, so Sig can reduce hazards and obstacles while giving us favorable conditions in almost any endeavor. In a way, it is like streamlining that reduces drag and increases velocity. The effect is twofold: releasing the bad and increasing the good.

There should be no surprise, then, that when applied to Victory, the Sig Rune Triumph is one that so overwhelms the opposition as to make its opponent’s counteractions negligible. The adversary is outclassed, outmaneuvered and routed easily. Contrast this with the Tyr victory, which can be a hard-fought triumph. The Sig Victory comes with little or no effort. The Tyr Victory is a fight, no matter how easy or hard.

Using the parlance of the day, the Sig Rune is a “game changer.” It transforms the situation from one of difficulty to one of ease. The analogy of Winter to Summer is fitting in illustrating the Sig Rune’s transformative nature.


Think of walking for hours, wearing a heavy back pack and field gear. Now think of how you feel after dropping the pack and gear. You feel lighter, more agile and free. That is akin to the Sig Rune’s aspect of releasing burdens.
Another analogy is stumbling in darkness, when suddenly the light comes. What had been difficult is now easy to pass. (This use of light is also an aspect of the Dag Rune.)

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