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Rune Musings: The Odal Rune – No Borrowed Ancestors

Odal – No Borrowed Ancestors Being adopted, I had a hard time connecting with MY ancestors. For several reasons, I could not and would not borrow the lineage of my adoptive family. I was not going to fuss over honoring borrowed ancestors. Finding a lineage of my own came in an odd and wonderful way. […]


Rune Musings: The Dag Rune – Rise and Fall of Light and Darkness

Dag – Rise and Fall of Light and Darkeness Calendars have their uses, but sometimes we lose sight because of them. When we consult a calendar, we see a day. There is a twenty-four hour period of time divided into day and night. And that is where we stop. One day equals daytime and night: […]


Rune Musings: Ing Rune – The Seed Thought

Ing – The Seed Thought Some rune interpretations claim that Hagal is the seed. These are based on the work of a German kabbalist and occultist named Guido von List. I regard von Liszt’s work as a Hermetic attempt at the Runes and put little stock in his work. The real catalyst is the Ing […]


Runic Musings: The Lagu Rune – Fishy Distortion

Lagu – Fishy Distortion Be it a lake, river, ocean or brook, water has some interesting peculiarities. No matter how clear or murky water is, it distorts what we see when we look into it. Anyone who has tried spear fishing or bow fishing knows this. The fish you see is not exactly where you […]


Rune Musings: Mannar Rune – The Good We See and the Bad We Don’t

Mannar – The Good We See and the Bad We Don’t An aspect of the Mannar Rune is the reconciliation of two sides of ourselves. These are the What – the many roles a person fills, and the Who – the inner person under it all. Ideally, the What serves as an expression of the […]


Rune Musings: the Eh Rune – Horse Magick

Eh – Horse Magick The Eh Rune is symbolized by the horse. The horse as a spiritual symbol is found throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In Britain, for instance, the image of a horse was dug into a hillside. In Norse literature, we read of the head of a horse being used in […]


Rune Musings: Bjork Rune – The Peace that Allows Healing

Bjork – The Peace that Allows Healing. Space and Time to Heal The Birch Rune is one of the healing Runes, among its many aspects. It is also a Rune of peace and is protective of the young. It also looks like a pair of a woman’s breasts viewed from above. All this is well […]


Rune Musings: Tyr Rune – Unity, Brotherhood and the Greater Good

Tyr – Unity, Brotherhood and the Greater Good. Tyr is a Rune of unity. I have often likened it to the thrust of the bayonet, where every movement of the body is coordinated in one motion to strike one target. Legs push and arms extend to put the point of the bayonet into the enemy’s […]


Rune Musings: The Sig Rune and Freedom of Another Sort

Sig – Freedom of another sort Winters in temperate times have their dangers. Modern folks are used to the conveniences such as heat and electricity. Wintry dangers are rare to us. Nonetheless, winter has always brought hazards that do not exist in the warmer times of the year. Before the days of snow removal, winter […]


Rune Musings: The Elk Rune’s Bad Side

Elk The Scandinavian Elk is the same as the North American Moose. It is ideal for depicting this Rune. Many people are of the opinion that some Runes are safe and that others are dangerous. Likewise, they believe that certain Runes are helpful while others are harmful. The reality is that all Runes have the […]

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