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The Souring of Spiritual Leadership

When Spiritual Leadership Turns Sour

While it is the prerogative of spiritual leaders to comment on current events, their main focus should remain spiritual. Comment, but leave the rest to the people. A spiritual leader, be he an actual leader, a figurehead, or a prominent person, ought not wallow in the morass of politics, public opinion and the mundane issues of the day. Should he focus too much on those things, he is no longer leading spiritually; he has become a commentator on current events.

I have seen individuals who had been spiritual leaders spend their time bemoaning the current state of things and the machinations of politicians. There are examples from all sides of the controversies of the day. They have ceased to be an inspiration to those who look to them. Insight and inspiration have been replaced by diatribes on temporal controversies.

The time has come for people to stop flogging a dead horse. Politics and government and social issues will proceed as they will, regardless of commentary. These things are temporary. People need the enduring wisdom of spiritual insight to ride above the tide of current events. Those who claim to provide it do a mis-service when they wade too long in matters best left to newsmen, political pundits and talking heads.

Those who are experienced in spiritual matters are leaders, whether in a leadership position or not. Such persons provide leadership by example. Their words and deeds show others how a spiritual person should behave. If one is constantly bickering over trifles or whining about the state of government and society, what example does he provide? The chronic complainer and the frequent participant in petty disputes set a very poor example, indeed.

Make sure that your example is worthy of the spirituality you claim to profess. Let true insight and inspiration be your priority. This assures your spiritual health and provides an example that does the most good for the people who respect you.

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