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The Year of Hate

I am very disappointed to see people vilify others merely because of their political affiliation or whom they voted for. This is pure hatred, and many of the haters are hypocrites. Many belong to minorities who claim to have been persecuted, slandered, and deliberately misunderstood. Many are members of ethnic, religious, and / or gender minorities. They hate to be called out because of their preferences, but think nothing of slandering others for their choices.

The haters are not all buffoons. Some are people prominent and respected in their various communities. They set the example for others of their leaning. And it is not limited to one side of the political or social equation. People from all sides are guilty of spreading hate.

Idiots have ruined lifelong friendships and family relationships through perpetuating the hatred. It is these vitriolic people who are causing the biggest divisions in this country. They prevent dialog by trying to stifle views that differ from their own. Dialog? Many do not even have the goodwill to accept a friendly handshake from those they have targeted as their enemy.

Like I said, the hate is coming from people on all sides of the equation, not just one group of supporters or another. There is no excuse for it, no justification, no rational explanation. Those who attempt to defend their caustic diatribes do so in terms of spite, maliciousness and outright hatred.

I am not naming names yet, but if the shoe fits… Suffice to say that several people who I had thought were fair-minded and reasonable individuals have lost my respect and esteem.

As for everyone else, I voted as I wanted and I support the views that suit me. No matter how you voted and what views you take, I do not think less of you if yours contradict mine. I assume that everyone votes and sees things the way that suits him or her best. Just as we want people to have religious freedom and freedom of speech, so it is important that people have the freedom to choose the candidate and policies as they see fit.

Remember what I said many times before: treat every person fairly, whether you like him or not. Treat him fairly whether you like or dislike his views, his political affiliation, his choice of religion, his ethnicity, etc., etc. Humanity has proven that we cannot all love one another, but the least we can do is give people a fair shake.

And to the hate-mongers on all sides: you are an abysmal disappointment.

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