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Zombie Month

The popular monsters of recent years are zombies, also known as the “walking dead.” The name comes from Haitian Voodoo lore. Modern movie and TV zombies are humans who have died but became reanimated due to a strange disease. These walking, rotting beings meander about aimlessly unless something calls their attention. Then the zombies focuses on the stimulus, form into a mob and proceed towards it. Zombies seek to eat human flesh.

In most of the Zombie genre, the monsters can only be killed by destroying their brains. They have to be shot, stabbed, slugged or chopped in the head.

The zombie is a fitting analogy for many people today.

How many people actually do their thinking for themselves? Fewer than you think. They are content to let someone else do the thinking. It may be the media, celebrities, political parties or popular causes. The people are content to let these various entities tell them what they should think, how to vote, what to do, and what and where to buy. The people themselves are content to take the messages at face value rather than look into things for themselves.

Like zombies, the minds of many wander and meander aimlessly, waiting for direction. Just as a sound or movement may draw the zombies to it, so the people react to the directions given by their favorite marketers, politicians, celebrities, etc. They do not take time to question the directions. Instead, they follow almost instantly.

From Thanksgiving night to December 24th, hordes of modern people make their zombie-like journeys to the markets. They buy as directed by advertisers, rushing into the malls and department stores the way fictional zombies rush after fresh flesh. And like the zombies, they seem insatiable.

The only cure is to help them reclaim their minds. That is easier said than done. Many prefer to give the responsibility for their choices to someone else than make the effort to choose for themselves. Then again, we have generations whose parents were willing to cede responsibility for moral education to the schools and television.

The Winter Holiday Season shopping is a large-scale example of the insanity of people who yield their mental responsibility. The buying frenzies, the hunt for bargains and people spending themselves deeper into debt are symptoms of a deeper problem. The simple truth is that the people are not thinking, but following the lead of other entities. In doing so, they are causing themselves difficulties. The folks providing direction to them do not care much about the consequences for these willing sycophants. The politician cares most about getting the vote, the marketer cares most about making more profits and the celebrity seeks to perpetuate his or her popularity. They do not care if people following their lead drive themselves into bankruptcy.

Those of us who make responsible choices based on doing our own thinking can appreciate the benefits of mental self-reliance. Those who cede their will to other entities need to take a good look at themselves and the things that influence their choices. That is the first step to reclaiming their minds from the clutches of marketers, politicians, etc. Normal people do not spend themselves into debt over things that are not necessities. Normal people do not agree to do something just because an entertainer endorses it. Consider that.


The flesh that the zombies consume is like the insatiable consumption of goods that are unnecessary and whose cost is burdensome. Mindless eating = mindless buying. You can be sure that someone is profiting mightily from the careless expenditure of income. By the same token, those who spend harm themselves by placing themselves in needless debt over trifles.

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