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The Congregation that Works

I heard from someone who had gone to a church-related event. He ran into some static and name-calling by a couple of scoundrels. The man is gay and does not hide it.

Churches and other religious groups vary. The main differences are not so much the denomination as the individual congregation. You can find congregations who are very accepting of people. There are also congregations that have their biases. Some are anti gay, some are racist, and some deride other denominations.

The same that can be said of conventional congregations can also be said of covens and kindreds.

Whether you seek a church, coven or kindred, there is a good piece of advice. Find the one that fits you like and old, comfortable sweater. If the group makes an issue of your ethnicity, race, sexuality, etc. then it is time to look elsewhere. If you have to conceal some aspect of yourself to fit into the group, you are in the wrong place.

A religious group should be supportive, friendly and comfortable.


Religious leaders and teachers should be the best-behaved people in the group. Sometimes they are just the opposite. There are cases of leaders using their position to exploit members for sex, money or power. If a leader asks you to do something with him that you normally would not do, you might want to leave. Would you do it if religion were not involved? Likewise, if you met that leader outside the context of religion, would you want anything to do with him? Would you feel comfortable inviting him into your home to meet your family and best friends? If the answer is no, you need to find another teacher.

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