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Protests or Millennial Temper Tantrums?

The protests by Millennials in the wake of the Presidential Election are exercises in futility. They will not change anything. What they illustrate is the large number of crybabies who throw a college-kid version of a temper tantrum when they do not get their way. This is part of the same thing where Millennial college students ask for “safe space” to protect them from rhetoric that offends them. And somewhere in there is the trend to give everyone a trophy whether they won it or not.

This is not to say that all Millennials are a lost cause. Look at the young people who are joining the military and serving honorably. There are young people who have backbone. Unfortunately, it is the supposedly-educated weenies who are getting the most press because they are making the most noise.

At age 17, I was getting harangued by two drill sergeants while I reassembled my rifle. And I was not alone. Millions of Americans have had the same experience. There was no “safe space” in the Army. There was no “safe space” around town. There was no “safe space” in the gin mills or the job sites or the trade shops. In fact, the colleges and Universities also had no safe spaces them because they wanted students to encounter opposing views and free speech.

As for trophies, well, people of my athletic talent did not get them. That did not stop us from playing. And I did not get awards in school for academic achievement. That did not stop me from learning. People got awards for doing something better than others. For instance, I got my Expert Rifle badge in the Army because I was a good shot. People who did not shoot as well got Sharpshooter, Marksman, or nothing. Awards meant something because they were earned.

The result of this wimpification of young people is going to a be a bunch of thin-skinned weenies who require constant validation through meaningless acts of praise. Their fears of being offended will make them marginally effective at whatever they do. Meanwhile, tougher individuals will excel because they are not hamstrung by fear nor the need for constant reaffirmation. These people will be more self-reliant and capable of taking the initiative and creating opportunity. So it is that the fearful ones are already on the path to mediocrity while the fearless will make themselves a highway to achievement.


The knee-jerk reaction of Millennials to protest at every little thing has diminished the power of protest. A protest is only powerful if it is meaningful. Needless acts and those with petty causes are at most a nuisance, and at best waste of effort. Then again, it is the nature of spoiled brats to throw their tantrums whenever their feelings get bruised.

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