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Zombie Month

The popular monsters of recent years are zombies, also known as the “walking dead.” The name comes from Haitian Voodoo lore. Modern movie and TV zombies are humans who have died but became reanimated due to a strange disease. These walking, rotting beings meander about aimlessly unless something calls their attention. Then the zombies focuses […]


Thanksgiving Message, 2016

To Begin: Happy Thanksgiving and Joyous Holidays to all. Joyous Yule to the Heathens and Pagans, Merry Christmas to the Christians, Happy Hannukah to the Jews and Happy Holidays to all. The first Thanksgiving has turned into a legend and a cute story. It originated as a festival of gratitude for the first harvest in […]


The Congregation that Works


Protests or Millennial Temper Tantrums?

The protests by Millennials in the wake of the Presidential Election are exercises in futility. They will not change anything. What they illustrate is the large number of crybabies who throw a college-kid version of a temper tantrum when they do not get their way. This is part of the same thing where Millennial college […]

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