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Isa Rune Brittleness

A trait of the Isa Rune is brittleness. It solidifies like water to ice. This hardening is usually temporary and can be fragile. Brittleness is a problem that contributes to the temporary nature of Isa hardening. It is not limited to ice. Metals like iron can be brittle and fragment easily. To counter brittleness, the […]


Yule is Not Christmas, 2016

Yule is not Christmas Once again, the Christmas advertisements pop up on television. It starts a few weeks before Halloween now and continues until December 24th. There was a time when these advertisements were not seen before Thanksgiving. I am reminded of a funny movie entitled “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” In the story, Halloween and […]


One-Way Choices: The Crux of Decision

Many choices in life are such that in choosing one thing, one must give up the other. You cannot have both. If you try to keep both, you gain nothing. There are decisions that entail gaining one thing but forsaking another. Sometimes, you can reverse your decision. Just as often, you cannot. If you reverse, […]

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