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Rune Touching: The Personal Touch

Understanding the Runes is more than the intellectual exercise of learning facts. True learning of the Runes also includes relating to them on a personal level. This is emotional, intuitional and physical as well as intellectual. It is not just the Rune, but what the Rune means to you and how it affects you. Take […]


Runes in a Pinch

If you ever need Runes in a pinch, take a regular playing deck of cards. Clubs for First Aett, Spades for the Second and Diamonds for the Third. Use the number cards 1 through 8. (If using the Anglo-Saxon extended Runes, use Hearts) Shuffle, cut and read. Voila! Emergency Runes! Here is a set of […]


The 2016 Election, Political Affiliation and Where I stand

There is a sick sentiment going about that anyone who would vote against the Democrats and Hillary must be an evil, ignorant redneck who is a racist, hates gays and is against human rights. The slander against people choosing to vote the party of their choice is putrid, to say the least. For many who […]

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