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A Few Business Lessons

A few lessons from 25 years experience running the Trollwise Press The Post Office used to be a great deal. It has lost some of its edge over the others. When I first started using the Priority Mail fixed-rate mailers, the fee was about $3.00 a pop. The biggest expense and source of trouble is […]


Gods Work through Man and Other Means

Call it Gods or Spirit, it has its preferred ways of working. A humorous story tells the tale: Alongside a mighty river lived man who claimed to have great faith in the God of his understanding. He had such faith they he felt his God would save him from any dire circumstances. It so happened […]


Spiritual and Medical Healing

Rarely in past times was spiritual healing done apart from physical medicine. The many magickal potions and other formulae of the ancients were medicines. They worked because of the medicinal properties of their ingredients. Spiritual work supported physical medicine but did not replace it. There are religious sects in these times that emphasize spiritual healing […]

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