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The Best Kind of Friend

A trick of self-deception is to mistake the messenger for the message. Many times, a person who is wrong wants to ignore or deny his mistake. This is all the more true if he wants to persist in this erroneous activity. When someone calls him to task, he will argue with great effort to discredit […]


The Wise and the Teachable

If you leave one path for another, make no effort to burn bridges behind you. Unless, of course, you leave on bad terms, because of a problem,or such. You may find, as most do, that every stage of your spiritual journey gave you something. It is nice to know that you still have friends there […]


Northwest Nut-Hatches

The stand-off in Oregon is reaching comic proportions. There is a bunch of unshaven guys in cammies holed up in a wildlife refuge building in the middle of nowhere. They have been there a few days and the place is probably already stinking of unwashed morons, more so because the toiled paper has probably run […]


Read It Yourself!

Almost 30 years ago, I was taking classes at a metaphysical organization. I liked their way of explaining esoteric things in plain American English. I had taken a short series of classes that were bright, informative and enjoyable. The practitioner’s course was being offered. I decided to try the first part. (I never saw it […]

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