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On Finding Your Spiritual Home

Through the many adventures in spirituality, I chose to make the old Norse and German tradition my home. It felt right. It fit. It was natural. Know that I have not thrown out everything else I learned. For instance, I still read Tarot. One should not throw out the baby with the bath water. At […]


Spiritual Growth: On Gathering Insight

On Gathering Insight Many people think that the way to gain spiritual insight is to read and learn and study. That has its merits, but is not the way, I find that part of gaining insight is not a gathering of more, but a letting go of outworn ideas. Insight is simplicity rather than complexity. […]


Spirit versus Religion

There is no one single right way to be Heathen. There is no one single right way to connect with the Gods. There is no one single right way to express spirituality. A religious journey is one were a group agrees to a shared set of beliefs, rules, practices and doctrines. They agree to a […]


Respecting Religious Freedom

In view of the recent firebombing of a mosque in California, it is time to review the rules for dealing with other religions. You may or may not respect the belief, but you must respect the right of others to hold those beliefs. 1) Never do harm to any house of worship or shrine. 2) […]


Chaplaincy and the Greater Good

I currently serve as chaplain to a mainstream organization. This is new ground for those of my religious trend: Heathenry, also known as the Old Norse / German religion. It falls under the umbrella of Paganism. I’ve been writing down some of my thoughts about it. I do not see myself as a trend setter, […]


If You Have Trains for the Holidays

It’s time to set up the old train set. Maybe you have an old set from your younger days. Perhaps you found al old set in the attic, or you may have inherited one. A train set can be the start of rewarding hobby for all ages. Model railroads are a great father-and-son hobby. They […]


Hilarious Heathen Yule Songs, Part II

Run Trains. Honor Thor (With apologies to Silver Bells) By Thor Sheil, a.k.a.. Uncle Thor Run the trains, run the trains Honoring Thor, that’s what trains do Run them loud, run them proud Honoring Thor every Yule In the old times, in the great hof Was a cart made for Thor And to move it […]


Hilarious Heathen Yule Songs, Part I

Just for fun, I took some of the old Christmas songs and Heathenized them little bit. This is all in fun. This is the first batch. A few more will be coming soon. O Lutefisk (With apologies to O Tannenbaum, a.k.a. O Christmas Tree) By Thor Sheil a.k.a Uncle Thor Oh Lutefisk, Damn Lutefisk You’re […]


Our Heathen / Pagan Publications

It is time to offer our seasonal specials and discounts on our books. If you have been reading my recent postings on the Runes, you may want to know more of my Runecraft. I have also written on various other subjects concerning Heathenism, Paganism, the Gods and Norse magick. I am offering many of my […]

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