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Keep Your Yule Heathen

As we slide into the season of shopping mania, we Heathens (and other Pagans) need to remember one simple thing: Yule is not Christmas. Let us say it again, audibly. Read it aloud: Yule is not Christmas. Though many of the trappings of Christmas are of Heathen and Pagan origin, they are not taken in […]


The Empowerment of the Eh Rune

The Eh Rune is the Rune of horses. It is symbolized by the horse. Sometimes we miss their significance. In this age of motors and engines, horses have become a pastime. Only a hundred and fifty years ago, they were the major form of transportation on land . Even as recently as a century ago, […]


Science Fiction and Empowerment

Audrey and I have been watching an Amazon series called Man in the High Castle. It is based on a book by Philip K. Dick. Basically, it is an alternate history where the Nazis and Japanese won World War II. The Nazis control most of the US, the Japanese control the Pacific part, and there […]


The Embrace of the Bjork Rune

The Bjork Rune, also know as Bjarkan and Birken, is associated with such things as mothers, children, protection of the young and healing. The tree for which it is named is among the first to sprout leaves in Spring. Its wood was used for making furniture for children. There are references in ancient times to […]


The Honor of the Tyr Rune

The Tyr Rune is a Rune of competition, victory and success. It works as a unifying force to pull everything together for completion of a single goal. A very physical example of this unifying force can be experienced. The thrust of a bayonet and lunge of a fencer are physical actions that exemplify the Tyr […]


The Sunny Day Reality of the Sig Rune

One of the aspects of the Sig Rune is the Sun. There is a Solar side to it. Sig is also a Rune of Victory. That all sounds big and powerful. Yet if you think about it, the Sig Rune has a gentler side. It can also be called the Sunny Day Rune. An old […]


Purpose of Living

One year ago today, I was in the ICU, having undergone open heart surgery. It was the most physically excruciating thing I have ever endured. This was not the most mentally, emotionally or spiritually painful thing I have experienced. I have faced death more than a few times over the years. I have looked down […]


Runic Lessons and Ability

If you want to know the Runes, then you have to go beyond the more facile and common definitions. The pick-and-choose / one from Aett A and two from Aett B kind of Runecraft does not go very far. If you have to look up the meanings in a book or select them from a […]


The Homebound Elk Rune

The Elk is a fitting symbol of this Rune. The Scandinavian Elk is actually one and the same as the American Moose. The animal is large, regal and territorial. I remember a few years ago where a moose and its calf had wandered onto a college campus. A man who was trying to enter a […]


The Hollow Fullness of the Perdra Rune

Earlier, I mentioned the void as an aspect of Naud. Perdra also has an aspect connected to Void. The most physical manifestation is in one literal interpretation of Perdra (Peord). That is “the dice cup.” A cup is a vessel made of walls surrounding an empty space. Without that void at its center, the cup […]

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