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The Clockwork Jer Rune

Those of us of a certain age remember a very popular category of toy. Wind-up toys were very common long ago, Most had a lithographed tin body that housed a wind-up clockwork mechanism. As the spring unwound itself, the toy would do things. There were wind-up cars that ran across the living room and wind […]


The Fickle and Frosty Isa Rune

The Isa Rune carries with it a degree of risk. Like the Ice itself, it can be an obstacle or a bridge. I am reminded of a lake where we went ice skating long ago. It was a nice lake for swimming in Summer. When covered with ice, it was ideal for skating and ice […]


The Naught-y Naud Rune

The Naud Rune is considered a dire thing by many. Like all Runes, it has both beneficial and harmful aspects. One aspect of it is quite literal. Naud, also known as Not, is the same as the English word Naught. The meaning of Naught is nothing. Naughty is a word that implies mischievous in modern […]


Frenzy and the Hagal Rune

Over half a century ago, my brother and I were at the country place. It was warm day and we were wearing shorts. There was rain and a surprise. It rained on half of the large yard, and was sunny on the other. Then came something wonderful. Little white, cold, hard pellets a little smaller […]


Classic Self-Defense

For those interested in the ability to protect themselves: Here is a reprint of an article illustrating some of the hand-to-hand combat that was developed in World war II. W.E. Fairbairn put together a set of simple, basic techniques for the Home Guard. He also taught these to the OSS at Fort Richie, PA. The […]


Wunjo Rune – The Spice of Life

Why would Joy appear as a spiritual principle? Wunjo is the Rune of Joy. On the surface, many might think joy is little more than an emotion. Perhaps we can understand its importance by looking at the absence of joy. Before we do that, let us look at a peculiar aspect of the Wunjo Rune. […]


The Exchange of the Gyfu Rune

What is in a gift? It is an item that is passed from one entity to another. The reason for a gift can be anything from a holiday tradition to hopes of acquiring the receiver’s favor. On the most literal level, Gyfu is a gift. That is its most superficial interpretation. One need look but […]


Not-Quite-Unarmed Self-Defense

One of the myths of self-defense is the practicality of unarmed methods against a knife. Most self-defense methods teach their own unarmed knife defenses. They range from fair to ridiculous. Many of these defenses were originally devised as a last-ditch effort. They were meant to give the defender a fighting chance when unarmed. Unarmed knife […]


Messages, the Ken Rune and The Power of an Idea

The Raido and Ken Runes stand side by side in the Futhark with good reason. Raido is the Messenger and Ken is the Message. Ken is also the Signal that warns Raido the Carrier. The Light House and signal beacons are symbols of Ken. Raido can symbolize any carrier, from a homing pigeon to vehicles […]


The Relative Aspect of the Raido Rune

What is a wheel but a way to move over a space? And what is speed but the time one takes to cover space? Raido is both the wheel and the clock. It is space and speed. On one level, Raido denotes a very brief time. Dag is a longer time, the Day: Day and […]

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