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Spiritual Principles

The spiritual aspect of the Universe is not capricious at all. Like the physical realm, it works according to principles. The misconception about Spirit is a human thing. Just as people thought the natural world operated by caprice, so they thought about spiritual things. Science has adjusted our view of the physical world so that […]


Surviving Physical Trouble

The pain in my legs and rib cage has been bad all day. My sternum feels like it did the week after open heart surgery. It all brings up some things I have learned while dealing with a medical problem. Maybe my experience can help someone. The responsibility for my morale and optimism is entirely […]


Be Your Own Leader

As mentioned in an earlier post, I do not like sycophants. I am appalled at seeing people worship an individual for any reason. Be the object of adoration a religious leader, nobility, entertainer or teacher of some sort, a human idol is folly. My first real look at this kind of thing happened when relatives […]


Dopey over Popey? Idols for the Idle Mind

The Pope, fuhrer of the Roman Catholic Church, visited New York yesterday. People flocked to see him. His admirers spoke glowingly of him. Their tone was worshipful. The Pope’s adherents obviously believed that he was special and somehow above human. I am sure they would have kissed his feet if given the opportunity. Adoration of […]


Reconciling with Injury and illness

The Havamal is not a scripture, but a combination of a few items that were originally the province of bards and poets. Much of its advice is practical. Very practical. No other book of wise sayings is as practical as the Havamal. I can tell you that based on my personal experience. Believe me, many […]


The Importance of Resolve

In 1973, the United States armed forces left South Vietnam. After ten years, we had enough. It was up to them to defend themselves. It was their country and their freedom at stake. The United States gave the South Vietnamese everything they needed to win a war. We provided weapons, equipment, logistical supplies, tanks and […]


How to Become an Honorable Individual

Some people learn about being honorable in youth. Some never get the lesson. For instance, there are families where survival means anticipating a lie that a parent wants to hear because they would be cruelly vindictive if they dislike the truth. People raised in dysfunctional families rarely learn honor. Likewise, people who fall in with […]


Heathen Follies: What’s the Point?

People ask why I do not get more personally involved with the Heathen community. You do not see me and my crew at events, gatherings, etc. Consider these as reasons we keep our distance. I have no desire to endure asinine attitudes and behavior. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all based on their respective scriptures. […]

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