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Blame It or Fix it: Responsibility

I am in a lot of pain. I managed to do the Point Ceremony at Elk’s point for Memorial Day. However, that was all. And even that required endurance. I could not march in the parade. We got back to the Post, and after a few minutes I had to call it a day. The […]


ISIL: Opportunist State

The so-called ISIL caliphate is an opportunist government. It emerged initially in the power vacuum caused by the Syrian civil war. ISIL was able to expand rapidly by filling in another power vacuum in Iraq. The caliphate was welcomed by Sunnites seeking some kind of way to deal with the injustices of Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government. […]


Ramadi Plus 1

I said it last night: a big part of the current trouble in Iraq is based on sectarian strife. The Shiites who now control the Iraqi government are one faction, the others being Iraq’s Sunnite Muslims and the Kurds. While the Kurds are content to stand their ground for their own people, the dynamic between […]


Ramadi Again

The fall of Ramadi to ISIL further illustrates the quagmire that is Iraq. ISIL has shown that it has more resolve, initiative, cohesion and a sense of direction. Iraq is fractious and lacks the resolve necessary to successfully defend its territory. The only sturdy element is its autonomous Kurdish people. ISIL has learned to lessen […]


Amusing Observations on Belief

Two stories sum up several of my observations about people and religion. One of the people with whom I worked told me an amusing tale about a friend of his. The friend had gotten caught up in the self-help books. Back in the 1980s, there was a craze for this sort of thing. He would […]

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