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Vietnam + 40

The fall of Saigon was 40 years ago. When we left Vietnam in `73, we left behind a trained and well-equipped army. In `75, many of the South Vietnamese troops just dropped their weapons and ran. They did not fight to preserve their country. When the US left Iraq, we left behind a trained and […]


Runes Around You

No matter what fields of interest I pursue, connections to the Runes and other aspects of Heathenism are revealed. This is not some New Age mish-mosh, nor the old Hermetic thing of attributing everything to an Element or a thing symbolized by a Planet. It is there and evident: an outworking of a potency and […]


Writing for Effect

Essential to good writing is to make sure that the message you want to convey is the message that your reader receives. With all too many writers, what the person means to say and how he actually says it are two different things. The reader gets a very different message than what was intended. That […]


Defender of the Faith

Many years ago, I read a short story about a sergeant who was assigned a group of new troops. He was stateside, having served in Europe in World War II. One of the troops noticed that the sergeant was Jewish. The soldier was also Jewish and tried to cultivate a friendship with the sergeant. On […]


Like and Hate

The comic book fans have been going on about one of the original X-Men coming out as gay. This has happened before with other comic characters. I cannot see how sexuality has to be an issue in comic books. When I read them as a kid, I did not think about it at all. This […]


That time again…

People think 4/20 is either National Stoner’s Day or Hitler’s Birthday. On April 20 of 2003, which happened to be an Easter Sunday, I had a heart attack. That was the beginning of my great cardiac adventure. In early Spring 2012, I had a congestive heart failure. Things got progressively worse by 2014. I knew […]


Coins of the Realm: Need and Greed

Many years ago, I noticed that there was a relationship between the Needy and the Greedy. While doing a construction job in a rough neighborhood, several of us went to a local deli – grocery to get coffee. The place was a surprise. Three walls were covered by shelves and refrigerators with the goods. Between […]


Coins of the Realm: Anger and Passion

Many years ago, I had started work on an article to be entitled “coins of the realm.” The premise used the idea of a coin to illustrate how many aspects of human nature are two sides of one thing. Take such things as anger and passion, or need and greed. Beneath the surface, it is […]


Allfather Ambassador

As Heathens, we are both ambassadors and teachers. Young Heathens look to the older ones as examples of how a Heathen should be. non-Heathens look at us as examples of what a Heathen is. The example we set is important. We are called to a higher standard because we are few and our impact is […]


A Lesson in Leadership

I have recently been examining the histories of short line railroads. It is part of a hobby project. The short line railroads all operated in this region at one time or another. Unlike the massive railroads like the Santa Fe and Union Pacific with thousands of miles of track, most short lines are lucky if […]

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