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The Video Moron Phenomenon

“Hey, Mom, look at me!” Every five-year-old shouted those words when he came up with some new skill or trick. Whether it was riding a bicycle without training wheels, lacing his own shoes or doing a crude cartwheel, it was a call for approval. Good Moms usually gave the little guy some praise that made […]


Protect Yourself on the Hiking Trail

Last week, a college student was killed in a nature preserve in New Jersey. The Apshawa Preserve is a relatively small area with several hiking trails. A person is never more than a mile from the end of the preserve. The man was part of a group of five who were menaced by a black […]


Self Defense and Personal Safety

On the news today is the story of a wackadoo Muslim who was fired from his job. He responded by beheading one former co-worker and stabbing another. I do not know details of the attack, except that it happened here in the USA. Obviously, our civilized society is not entirely safe. We cannot rely on […]

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