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“God never gives you more than you can handle.” This slogan is bandied about in everything from Sunday schools to Recovery groups. The implication os that “God”, however you define him, will never put you in circumstances that exceed your power to deal with them. This is a form of mind candy used to placate […]


Uncle Thor and the Havamal Part 7 – What Rules a Man?

These two verses may seem unrelated, but once again real-life experience provides a key to learning their full importance. You have to admire the writer of these verses. He had the real-world insight plus the literary skill to describe it in a most wonderful fashion. So often does a stanza or two from the Havamal […]


Uncle Thor and the Havamal Part 6 Courage versus Cowardice, Happy or Sad

Courage, Cowardice, and Living versus Hiding These following verses are extremely insightful. I had the good fortune to learn from someone who, though he never read the stanza, certainly knew the lesson it told. Many times, the Havamal verses only give their full wisdom when we have had a real-world lesson that matches them. 15 […]

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