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Spiritual Observations

(I am purposefully using generic terms in this discourse on Spirituality. This is done make it relevant to people of many religious and spiritual backgrounds. Translate these concepts into the terms of your own spiritual path. Any way you slice it, these are my own observations.) My background is known to many readers but may […]


Shades of 1975

On the news tonight : Al Qaeda allied insurgents have taken the Iraqi city of Mosul. They took the city with relative ease. Iraqi Army troops dropped their weapons and ran. This is the third city to be assaulted by insurgents. They have already made deep inroads into Ramadi and Fallujah. Who dropped their weapons […]


The Living Business

I have had brushes with Death in the past. Close calls with everything from fast-moving cars to looking down the barrel of a gun. However, the whole thing takes on a new dimension when the danger is inside yourself. I have been living the past 11 years with heart disease. I had a heart attack […]

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