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Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving: Gratitude in Action

America is a grateful nation. Three of our holidays are rooted in Gratitude. Thanksgiving is the holiday when we express our gratitude for the good in our lives. Veterans Day is the holiday when we honor those who have served our nation in the military. Memorial Day is when we remember those who have passed […]


Using the Power: Using Your Mind

The prime mover of all magickal work is your mind. Almost all of the words and charms and items only serve to engage that faculty of mind that sets the power in motion. While some objects may have properties which can affect the Astral, the greatest input comes from Mind. The Power is always there. […]


Lessons from Elsewhere

Many years ago, I had been taking classes at one of the metaphysical organizations. Their system was run along lines dictated by reason rather than blind faith and old scriptures. Most of their methods worked. Granted, the system had its limits and there was a point where one could go no further. Nonetheless, it was […]


Some Pointers on the Work

Over twenty years ago, we stated that we did not want to start an organization. That still holds true. Time has revealed many instances that affirm the wisdom of our decision. Likewise, we have avoided titles and ranks. There are no leaders and no followers. Our goal is to help folks empower themselves. Empowering means […]


Hunting for Pennies

Back in the 1950s, part of a child’s summer day was the ice cream truck. These were small vans with refrigerators and side windows, painted in white and decorated with other colors. They would ring a bell or play a jingle to announce their arrival. When the trucks arrived, children would stop playing and run […]


VA Scandal – Deadly Book-Cooking

The fact that we have a Veteran’s Administration is largely due to the efforts of the American Legion. One of the founding principles is the welfare of veterans. The Legion was the driving force in assuring that veterans would receive the right care. This relationship continues to the present time. It should be no surprise […]


Giving Wisely

In the news tonight was an article about a waste of 100 million dollars. Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook had pledged 100 million dollars to Newark, NJ, for its schools back in 2010. He gave to then Newark mayor Corey Booker and governor Chris Christie. To date, there are no results to be seen. 20 million […]

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