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A Higher Understanding

(Some thoughts on things…) If one thing has been a central part of my life for decades, it can be expressed in one word: spirituality. That is the issue that has permeated my existence. The issue is not a search for it, but enjoying its many expressions. I have done just that. I have enjoyed […]


Confidence Works

The term “faith” has been so misused, overused and abused that its meaning is as nebulous as a fog bank. People use it to mean belief, trust, religious affiliation or religion in general. The religious connotations alone have multiplied to the point that the meaning of the word is diluted. Perhaps a better word might […]


Other People’s People

During our Revolution, the British were short of troops to respond. Many of their soldiers were needed elsewhere to protect the homeland and the valuable Caribbean colonies. Taking them away from those posts might have left enough of a power vacuum to invite an invasion. Raising forces would take time. The British were well aware […]


The Heroin Menace

The tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is striking a nerve. He died at age 46 with a syringe in his arm. Hoffman was a successful and highly respected actor. Once the dust settles, many will be asking how an accomplished performer could die that way. The common image of the heroin abuser is […]

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