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Ambassadors of our Spiritual Paths

(This article was written for a forthcoming book for Heathens and Pagans who serve as interfaith ministers and chaplains. While standards for those individuals are higher, this article is worth a look for the rest of us. It describes making the kind of impression that alters how people think of Heathens and Pagans) We are […]


The Point of it All?

Just what is the point of living? What is the reason? What are we supposed to be doing? Where are we supposed to be heading? Just by living, you are fulfilling the goal of Life. You are a focal point of Life. That you live and breathe and do things is the point. More important, […]


Heartbreak and Repair

I was listening to some old songs today. One was a Neil Young song entitled “Only love can break your heart.” Does that title sound like a true statement? Not in my experience! Love is not the only thing that can break your heart. Hate, cruelty, and maliciousness can break it, too. So can sudden […]


Boxer Beat-Down: An Object Lesson on Strength and Reason

Strength without wisdom is like a bull in a China shop. A good example of this comes from China. The Boxer Rebellion of 1900 was a grass-roots movement fueled by dissatisfaction with the Manchu government and the Christian missionaries, their converts and all foreign influences. Boxer groups had formed in the countryside, and in some […]


What Do You Believe?

What do you believe? If you ask some people, they have an easy answer. They can quote a creed or statement of belief from their church. They will tell you what they have been told to believe. We do not have that luxury. Our beliefs are personal and individual. We have to work out matters […]


Belief and Experiences: What I Believe

I believe that we live in a Universe that has a purpose. I believe that intelligence is throughout all existence. We find examples in everything from the operation of subatomic particles to the motion of galaxies. This Intelligence is not a Deity. It is evidence that all of the Universe is an expression of the […]


Courage and Reason

Courage is connected with reason. Courage has to have a reasonable purpose. Courage without reason is recklessness. It must be about 40 years ago since some teenagers played chicken with the train on the Shark River railroad bridge. The game was simple: be the last one to jump out of the way when the train […]


Our Heathen Society

How would society have evolved had Heathenism or general Paganism remained in power? In many ways, it would be very much like the society in which we live today. We have a non-theocratic government, specialized agencies and occupations, free press, free speech and individual rights. These things were not part of the Christian theocratically-influenced states […]


The Simple Matter of Honor

There is an episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9 where in a Klingon leader was officiating an award ceremony. To each person who received the award, he said, “Honor to you and to your house..” The way he intoned the phrase, it sounded more like “Honor to youuuu and to your howwwwse.” Whoever directed […]


Insults, Disputes and Bad Manners

Ideally, Heathenism should be a place of mutual respect. We ought to be able to respect our fellow Heathens as such. Likewise, we need to respect the right of people to have their views just as we have ours. A sign of maturity is the ability to disagree without being disagreeable. Lately, I have run […]

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