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A Matter of Accountability, Guilt and Truthfulness

(Many Heathens and Pagans read my work and some consider me a voice of reason. As such, it behooves me to make my thoughts known on key issues. That not only includes issues I like, but matters I find unpleasant. The following is a matter I would rather leave to someone else, but the reality […]


Fat People

Let me preface this article by stating that the inspiration for it was some of the silliness that one gets in the news media these days. People are who they are. I look at the photos of the folks on the social media and see a wide variety of faces and shapes. This is not […]


An Open Letter to Young Veterans

The American Legion and other veterans’ organization are at the forefront of efforts on behalf of all veterans. Representatives of our veterans’ groups are active in our nation’s Capital, working with lawmakers for the benefit of veterans everywhere. These dedicated men and women lobby for us and testify for us before Congress, the Senate and […]


Mismanaged money – How?

Because of the revelation that a prominent Heathen pled guilty to embezzling family fund, I have been asked how such a thing can happen. The process is explained below. I have heard it more than a few times back when I counseled people on a regular basis. It starts innocently enough. You borrow a few […]

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