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The Antidote to Failure

If ever there was an antidote to failure, this is it. This one thing can be the dfifference between being a loser and living a life that makes a difference. I have noticed it countless times over the course of my life. http://youtu.be/5T42iyDZv5s


Create and Live

We are the species that took Nature and went one better. In effect, we use the things of nature to improve on nature. Humankind takes the expression of the Creative principle beyond its natural bounds. We can travel faster than Nature, and have been doing so since the first locomotives and steam boats could out-race […]


Of Chaplains and Attitudes

The American Legion College is an event where officers of the various posts can get instruction in several necessary skills. It is held every year here in New Jersey. There are courses explaining Legion programs, classes in club management and others. I took the Chaplain’s course. As chaplain of our post, I thought it would […]


Wasted Talent: a Heathen Version

Before I start the article, let me state that I have had a very low opinion of Dan Halloran for a long time. I will try to keep my bias out of it, but it is unlikely I will do a 100% job of it. Take this into account. My objectivity may be less than […]


Heathen Challenge for Today

The most difficult challenge for Heathens in these times is making a complete departure from both the beliefs and the Mindset of Monotheist religion. We have to dispense with the ridiculous morality, its god-concept and its silly devil, and its sanctimonious piety. Heathens must dispense with such things as sin, religious guilt, divine retribution and […]

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