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Science and the Human Factor

Science claims to have no explanation for psychic and spiritual activity, and so officially refutes it. That does not change the experience of many over the ages. The fact is pretty much established that such activity exists. In today’s parlance, it is called “paranormal.” It embodies everything from ghosts and apparitions to omens and prophetic […]


Gods and Principles

Science and observation are affirming that our Universe works according to various principles. Even the chaotic events rely on the same principles, or they could not occur. These natural laws govern movement and the properties of things and energies. Spiritual law is much the same. In fact, spiritual law is just another aspect of a […]


Something to consider

A few ideas: If your goal in life is fitting in, you are fucking up. Your commonalities make you mediocre. Your differences make you unique. The same principle that makes iron sink is also the principle by which it can be made to float. This is an example of the following: Any natural or spiritual […]


Life: Increasing Complexity

It is the nature of the Creative Principle to produce ever more complex forms. Our universe started with simple particles that expanded and merged into atoms, and atoms into molecules, and so on. Look where it is now. Mankind started with simple sticks and caves and through the process we call civilization came to the […]


Fe Rune and Use

The stuff of the Fe Rune is pure substance. It is a neutral thing. Untended, it tends to dissipate and meander and spread apart. Fe is like a herd of cows. Without a fence, they roam and scatter. Fe is also representative of the raw stuff of our Universe. It is in all those hydrogen […]


Life, Death, Afterlife, Reincarnation (video lesson)

A frank discussion of Life, Death, and the issues of the Afterlife, Reincarnation, etc. http://youtu.be/aor95mq0vTI


Facts, Conjecture and the Future

I am presently reading an old book on the Creative Principle. The book was written in1915. One of its analogies made use of the theory that the vacuum of space was actually filled with a substance known as aether. The concept of a “luminiferous aether” was an accepted concept by most cosmologists in the 19th […]


The Will to Learn is The Will to Live

This week was the 134th anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein. He remains controversial to this day. Nonetheless, he was instrumental in taking physics to new places. Einstein’s theory of relativity enables us to have GPS tracking, for instance. He was also important to the development of quantum mechanics. What with the announcement concerning […]


New Discoveries

Another challenge to traditional religious thought is emerging as I write. The massive CERN particle accelerator was instrumental in finding the Higgs boson. This is the first tangible evidence of the previously-theoretical subatomic particle. Known by some as the “God particle,” the Higgs Boson is that which imparts mass to matter. By coincidence, this discovery […]



My recent attempts to find old acquaintances have not been all that productive. Some are out of reach, some are dead. Of the deceased, almost all died years before their time. Some are people I knew very long ago. Looking back at the past, I feel like the opening of a science fiction movie with […]

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