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Making a Small Stand for Our Beliefs

The CEO of Hobby Lobby is opposed to a government law that demands companies pay for certain services for women. These include the morning-after pill. The CEO went on to say that his entire business runs on Christian principles (Fundamentalist, of course). They close on Sundays and, according to reliable sources, pipe in religious music […]


Jimmy the Mobster

A hazard of hospital visits is that you do not get to pick your room-mates. I had a few hooples. One old guy could not remember where he was. Another time it was a whiny old Ukrainian who was visited by his pear-shaped, angry-looking fifty-year-old daughter in mini-skirt and go-go boots. The one time I […]


Does Change Have a Price?

When you turn around your life, you will find yourself asking a peculiar question. How long must you pay for your past mistakes? When will you have fulfilled your obligations so that you can move forward? The problem posed by these questions cannot be solved by getting the right answer. In order to get the […]


Judgement: Judging People

Many years ago, I was very quick to judge people. Who was on my level, who was beneath me, who was worthwhile, who was a low-life…. I also judged what people did. My standards were inflexible. There was no middle ground, no excuses. Right, wrong, good, bad, and nothing in between. With time, my own […]

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