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New Years

This has happened twice in my lifetime. For as long as I could remember until the 1970s, the man who ran the New Years Eve show was Guy Lombardo. He and his band, the Royal Canadians, would serenade the change of the year. He did it until 1976. From 1972 to 1976, we would have […]


Myth is Flexible, not Infallible

Much misunderstanding comes from those who read religious scripture as if it were irrefutable fact. When the conflict between scripture and fact becomes unavoidable, they have a mad scramble to re-interpret both science and religious lore so as not to utterly negate each other. The cold reality is that religious creation stories are blends of […]


Scientific Basis and Heathenism

Recent discoveries show us that within the Universe, there is intelligence. This is not necessarily an intelligence, but a neutral, non-volition, non-entitized principle of intelligence. Instead of a God or Cosmic Engineer, it is the stuff of intelligence. We see it in things as small as particles and as large as galaxies. There is a […]


New booklet: Thor!

Good news, folks. I compiled a small booklet with a few articles about Thor culled from our archives. A nice little thing to read yourself or pass on to a friend. Now that Yule is over, I am selling it as part of a package deal wiht three of our other booklets. Please take a […]



The Old English term “wyrd” describes that inexorable force and principle guiding the forward motion of the Universe. The concept was well-know since ancient times. It was known as Urd or Ord to Scandianvia and Germany. Wyrd corresponds to Fate. Karma and Kismet are similar concepts, if less well-defined. Wyrd is an evolutionary force rather […]


Time, Space and You

The day starts at dawn, when the light of the Sun exposes the world to our eyes. That which was shrouded in darkness is now revealed. The Sun illuminates our world once again. In its course through the sky, the Sun’s light grows brighter until Noon. At the middle of the Day it burns brightest, […]


Greeting the Seasonal Way

This all began because of a simple thing. We live in a society where three holidays occur in close proximity during December. Our Yule occurs between the 20th and 22nd of December. Hannukah occurs any time in December based on the Jewish calendar. Christmas is always on December 25th. Each holiday is distinct. Yule celebrates […]


Mysterious Forces

Science is capable of defining physical forces. It has yet to measure certain forces subtle forces. They are comprehensible to those who understand them. Most important: these forces are natural, though not exactly physical. They work close to Wyrd, although in a different manner. The Ancients knew that there were underlying elements which affected life. […]


Shaking Off the Hurt: Revive!

Yule is the idea of birth, new life and rebirth. Some people know how hard it is to spark into new life after surviving damage. For that reason., today’s lesson is appropriate. Renewed hope is a gift of immeasurable worth to those who need it. Shaking off the Hurt There are lingering questions for those […]


Where the Weak become Strong

Is Heathenism only for people who are healthy, well-adjusted and who have had a happy upbringing? Or is it also for those who are not well, dysfunctional and have a bad past? We are not all strong, confident products of what might be construed as a good life. Many who come here made the break […]

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