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Impending Storms

Modern Weather Forecasts use scientific data and probabilities to predict weather in the near future. The predictions get better when the time to the event is shortest. A prediction for the weather in two days will most usually be much more accurate than that for a week or more. What good are the predictions? We […]


Stop Gap Measures

One of the more peculiar aspects of military history is interim weapons. A good example is the interim tank. For instance, in the early years of World war II, the tank took on a new prominence on the battlefield. America had some tanks ready to go into production before our entry into the war. However, […]


The Trains Will not Run in 2012

For the past eleven years, I have participated in a small train show at Ocean Grove during the Yule season. It was usually held the second weekend of December, during the town’s Victorian Holiday weekend. Gary Crawford started the show 16 years ago. He invited us to join the event in 2001. Since then, we […]


Freedom and Reason

One of the funniest signs posted by a Christian church says that “The only “free” people are slaves to God.” Another one of a reciprocal bent said that “Free Thinkers are Slaves to Satan.” The logic to this is flawed. The Christian religion teaches that people must follow God’s laws to keep God happy. Laws […]


Supreme Being Defined

Those of us who grew up around Monotheistic religion are familiar with the term Supreme Being. It is one of several synonyms for the deity that supposedly created and runs the Universe. The implication is that this being created everything and then retreated to a separate abode called Heaven. The Supreme Being is usually referred […]


The Way Things Work

The reason we can teach magick and get good at it is because the actual power is consistent. It acts according to specific principles. In effect, it works according to a set of rules like any other natural force. Know the rules and apply them, and it will work for you. The Runes are a […]


Whose Tune Do You Play

I have seen this a few times. It illustrates an unfortunate tendency in some persons. A person has taken up Paganism and done well with it. He or she may switch to other forms of Paganism. Then without warning, the individual decides to return to his old sect of Christianity. The person states that even […]


Search Fearlessly

We should not let the prejudices of Christianity deter us from facing our own reality. The followers of Jesus are in no position to interpret Heathen spirituality..Their beliefs are not the yardstick to measure ours. Theologically, morally and spiritually, Heathenism differs significantly from Christianity. The issue of Loki illustrates the point. More than a few […]


The Hard Road

Spirituality is not a perfectly safe path of sweetness and light. The favor of Gods or angels or what-have-you does not shine blessings that make the journey a walk in the park. The seeker will not find his path attended only by various friendly and helpful spirits. No, the New Age version of spirituality without […]


Loki and the Chickenhearts

Halloween must be getting close because we are hearing more from the “scared of Loki” types. There are so-called Heathens who are so afraid of Loki that they will not say his name or type it into their computers. Despite their claims to the contrary, they have yet to separate the characters of myth from […]

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