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A Better Sale!

I added a better book sale, which means more savings for you. A different link for a better sale http://www.thortrains.net/trollwisepress/september2012.htm



For thsoe who might be interested, I am also on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/unclethor


News, Private Sale, and Discounts on our Books

I am holding a special sale on several of my publications. You can enjoy some great savings. If you enjoy my daily lessons and other writings, please consider trying my books http://thortrains.net/trollwisepress/septembersale.htm Thanks! Uncle Thor


You Can’t Stifle Me

The recent attacks by Muslims against American embassies has been appalling. The outrage is over a half-baked film that criticized their prophet, Mohammed. It presented a very unflattering image of the Muslim founder. This is nothing new. A few years ago, a Danish cartoon about Mohammed evoked a violent backlash. We cannot let the fear […]



How can the spiritual realm be so divorced from the phenomenal Universe that an entirely different set of natural laws apply? Reasonably, the spiritual is connected to the phenomenal. Otherwise, we would not have an inkling of its existence. If connected, then there has to be some common ground. Without commonality, they could never coexist […]


The Noise Storm

(Are you tired of endless bombardment with advertisements and a never-ending stream of idle chatter? I am! All noise and no content! So many words and images and so little to say! Blah!) There are multitudes of voices screaming for our attention. They are shouting and flashing images with clever messages that ultimately mean nothing. […]


Freedom of Speech

The recent raids on American embassies by Muslim maniacs have caught everyone’s attention. Our President made an apology for the film that offended them. The administration tried to pressure Google into removing it. This did not happen. Google only removed it in a few countries where the local laws banned it. Google stood up for […]


Contradiction or Cooresponding Principles? Ideas on modern Heathenism.

I have a hard time living with contradictions. This trait even extends to entertainment. If a story has fact that contradict what I know to be true, I cannot apply “plausible deniability.” Some folks can. Not me. Even magick in stories has to pass muster with what I know, and operate within certain limits . […]

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