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Unreal Reality

Reality or Not? There are a couple of shows I have seen occasionally. The First 48 follows real detectives as they solve homicide cases. I recently watched several episodes of Cajun Justice, which shows the sheriff’s department of Terrabonne Parish in Louisiana. In the last year, I also caught two or three episodes apiece of […]


Character – Another Aspect

I am a maker and collector of miniature soldiers. It is something I have enjoyed for many years. Currently, I cast my own figures from various molds which I have acquired. First, hot metal is poured into the mold. It cools, and the result is a metal figurine. The crude casting is then finished and […]


Character Thinking

Being a history buff, I like using examples from the past. An interesting example involves Germans, or more specifically, the German army. In both defensive and offensive German tactics, the officer picks a focal point for his efforts. This is where he will expend most of the force at his command. The focal point is […]


An Old-time Burn Remedy

There is an old spell I use for burns and it works quite well. I occasionally have an accident when I cast metal. Repeating this spell three times and blowing on the affected area or waving over it tends to help. At best, the wound and pain are gone. Other times the pain and wound […]


Effort, Goals and Love

Training is repetitious. The development of skill means doing it time and again, at first until you get it right. Once you get it right, practice continues so that you get better and better at it. Nobody becomes an expert on the first try. People may sometimes have a precocious talent for a thing, but […]


Religion’s Departure from Reason

Before Galileo, it was much easier to reconcile natural science with almost any religion. Who could disprove it? For all that people knew then, the Earth was at the very center of the Universe and the stars were lights in the sky. The best science of the time gave few clues as to the real […]


Defining Perfection

Once we get past the need to have a perfect universe and a perfect “God,” perfection is revealed as a relative concept rather than an absolute one. That which constitutes perfection changes with the situation, as does the degree of quality necessary to define perfection. Most certainly, the idea of perfection is an aesthetic ideal. […]


For my readers

I am working on another text. Here is my question: what would you like me to cover? If you had a chance to meet me in person, what topic would you like to hear me discuss? I am working on a text which addresses things on a more personal level. By knowing what people want […]


Music, Doobies and Chicago

Saturday evening, Audrey and I went to a concert at Jones Beach on Long island, NY. Both the Doobie Brothers and Chicago were playing, My two favorite bands. Audrey had won the tickets from Q104. What a night! It was great to hear both bands. The Doobie Brothers were amazing. They did something really cool […]


A Simple Thought for the Moment

When you hear the percussion in music, you are listening to the hoofbeats of Sleipnir.

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