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Does the Universe Allow U turns?

Many years ago, I read a cute statement: “The Universe allows U turns” The statement was intended to accompany instances where people take a course of action, decide it is not worth pursuing and abandon it. The implication was that Life will allow them to leave, free and clear with minor consequences, if any. Real […]


The Prosperity Jumble

In the days when New Thought and the “Rags to Riches” fads were popular, several books came to the forefront of the movement. They advised drastic measures. “Burn your bridges”. “Spend fearlessly.” “The universe abhors saving and hoarding.” And so, people burned their bridges and spent fearlessly and saved nothing. As a result, their financial […]


Doubt, Faith, Knowing and Believing

If we need not be concerned that our words or actions will offend a deity, then we can explore freely. We can investigate science, philosophy, religion and the spiritual realms with the greatest freedom. Because there is no fear of divine insult, we can look at ideas that challenge our beliefs. Our doubts can lead […]


Grow up!

One of the unofficial slogans of Heathenism is: “Grow up.” Remarkably, most Heathens with whom I am in contact have embodied that idea. Part of the reason is our attitude toward our Gods and our disdain for superstition. We do not expect the Gods to be babysitters, caretakers or shepherds. We certainly do not see […]


NCAA, Penn State and Integrity

Sometimes they get it right. The NCAA dropped the hammer on Penn State over the Sandusky crimes. It was like Mjolnir splitting a giant. The reasoning of the NCAA for coming down so hard was what caught my attention most. They stated that education comes before sports, and that the welfare of the students is […]


Fear versus Living

Life has no guarantees. Millions of people believe the modern urban myth that safety can be guaranteed by government and technology. They think laws and science will keep everyone from harm. The reality hits us again and again. Tragedy can happen. It can be as isolated as a person falling down the steps and as […]


Social Media Scramble

I started using social media as a way to keep in touch with family and customers. After a while, I found it a good thing to share some of my insight and perceptions. Social media is also good for touching base with fellow hobbyists. Were you to ask what I think of the way most […]


You Get What You Are

How much do you contribute to your own reality? Many years ago, I was given the opportunity to work a job that had me going to different places. In a way, it was a string of jobs. I would work a month in one place, six weeks in another, two in another, etc. These were […]


Wotan or Odin?

If you are Hailing Odin, you have no business heiling Hitler. This came up again, so let me explain. Many think that because Wotan is the German name for Odin, Wotanism might be synonymous with Odinism. They are not. Odinism is a more general term. Wotanism is the name used by a single group once […]


Work and Play

I have never put too much focus on prophecies. There are so many and they are all so vague. Now and then a prophecy may have an element that seems uncanny. Aleister Crowley, the well-known occultist, made such a prophecy in his cryptic “Book of the Law.” He claimed that an “Age of Horus” was […]

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