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A Thought for Reason

Many people think that in the everyday world, we have to be rational. When it comes to matters of religion and spiritual things, however, they believe that reason can be suspended. They seem to think that reason is anti-spiritual. They are mistaken. The plain fact is that reason is a spiritual faculty. A look at […]


Where There is Life, There is Hope

One thing is certain. Very few things are hopeless. I like the quote in the Havamal that teaches that nobody is useless so long as they are alive. The truth is that nobody is totally without use, except that they make themselves useless. For the most part, uselessness is self-bestowed. Useless or not, I have […]


Molded Character

This lesson uses one of my hobbies as an analogy for something greater. One of the things I truly enjoy is casting metal. This is an ancient activity. The Egyptians recorded the use of casting via the “lost wax” process. Casting with molds has been around almost as long. The method is simple. A mold […]


Winning and Losing

Have you heard that in many schools, every child receives an award when playing a game or having a competition. Everyone gets s trophy whether they win or not. Indeed, it cheapens the idea of victory. What is the point of trying if everyone wins? Life is not that way. In life there are winners […]


Your Horsey Habits and Being Successful (2 Lessons!)

Your Horsey Habits I like this story because it provides a good analogy to habits of thought. A farmer lived on the first farm on the lane. His horse had made the journey fo so long that it automatically knew where to turn. The farmer would let go of the reins. The horse would take […]


Dragons of Greed

Within the last month, I acquired a mold that makes a small dragon. He stands a little less and four inches tall. On a cool day last week, I cast up several of them. You may have seen identical figurines in gift shops and New Age stores. They are usually pewter and are adorned with […]


Brief Musings about Thor

The most popular God in Scandinavia was Thor. For most folks in the north, he was their chief deity. It seems that only the Icelandic and the old German lore puts Odin at the top. Usually, the place of a deity reflects the times and the people. The Gods are not so fussy. Thor is […]


Tyr: An Enigmatic God

Of all the Gods, my relationship with Tyr has been the most enigmatic. I understand him in a way that is difficult to put into words. Tyr is pragmatic to the point of severity. The idea of “Spartan living” denoting a no-frills lifestyle certainly applies to Tyr. It can also be applied to the way […]


Learning to do

The challenge: teach a room full of people the basics of Heathen magickal practice. Give them the tools they need, and do it in an afternoon. How can it be done? You have to give them the basic techniques upon which they can build. Reading can be done at their leisure after the class. Such […]


People Pleasers

I had a very bizarre situation many years ago. I was dating a woman with whom things had gotten serious. There came that point where she thought our future was inevitable and that she could not lose me. Suddenly, our relationship changed. Instead of doing what we had planned, she would want to drop everything […]

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