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Talking and Listening

These days, it is very hard for us to understand the way folks thought about things prior to the Civil War. We cannot conceive of slavery as being a good thing, for instance. We have a hard time trying to understand the people who considered it an institution worth defending. On the other hand, it […]


Memorial Day 2012

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day. Once again, I did the point Ceremony and the Parade with my American Legion Post. It was a good day for it, and everything was early enough to beat the heat. Freehold does a very big parade each year. This year we had a few new things. Our Post’s Legion […]


Truth, Taking and Thinking

Yesterday, the idea of truth was discussed. “A Book of Five Rings “ was mentioned. Indeed, the book has some truths in it. Its main purpose was to teach strategy to sword duellists and to those engaged in the warfare of Japan, circa 1600 C.E. Modern martial artists saw it as a source of combative […]


Where Truth Is

Anything that is true will be true, no matter where you discover it. No one school or religion or path owns all of truth. There are bits of truth to be found in many places. Some have more truth than others. Some require you to wade through waves of untruth before you find something true. […]


Cyclic Thoughts

There are things that happen in cycles. Occasionally, inspiration takes a cyclic pattern. I find this in my writing. Usually, I can put together an article with relative ease. Recently, however, I am on the other side of the cycle. Taking courses and studying various subjects has put me into a receptive rather than productive […]


A Creative Principle at Work

There is within us a thing that responds to something that is almost etheric. We have our senses, our intellect and our instincts to survive as individuals and a species. These each have their reciprocal elements in the world of experience. Within us is another faculty that seeks something different. It is that which responds […]


Scientific Shortfall

Stephen Hawking, noted physicist, has concluded that there is no “God” because there is no time before the Big Bang. Time and space did not exist until the Big Bang. He also came to the conclusion that there is no afterlife Many people give a high level of credibility to Dr. Hawking’s statements. He is […]


The Meaning of Coincidence

Basically, the principle which Carl Jung called “synchronicity” deals with the coincidental nature of two or more otherwise unrelated events. It deals not only with events here and now, but the connection of events in time. Synchronicity may be the principle behind divination. It certainly leaves us much to consider. The search for meaning is […]


What does That Mean?

When we look at the wider Universe with its billions of galaxies and black holes and unimaginable distances and speeds, we wonder what it all means. What is the meaning of black holes and quasars and an incalculably vast Universe? The same question arises if we look at the tiniest things, such as atoms, molecules […]


A Bit of Bad Business

I had a very bizarre experience. Back in March my wife and I went looking for a new sofa. We found one we liked at Ashley Furniture in Freehold. Township. The price was right and the salesman assured us we would receive it with no problem. He also told us the movers would put the […]

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