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What Is It?

What runs the Universe? What started the Big Bang? Monotheists will tell you that it was “God”. They believe that the creator of the Universe was their God. That is pretty funny, since most of them also think their God is a great big magickal man. They believe that he wears a shining robe and […]


Looking Deeply

A basic tenet of our belief is that the spiritual realm is not separate from the physical. They are both part of the same thing. The dualism that pits matter against spirit is a mental aberration. It is a function of such dualistic faiths as Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Buddhism teaches that denial of […]


Spiritual Consistency

Religion has for too long been the habitation of superstition and caprice. The changeable nature and shifting moods of deities and other spirits is a key feature of most religious beliefs. At the center are deities who rule by edict and who react to events emotionally. They have more mood swings than a schizophrenic on […]


Unfortunate Gravity: Breaking from Orbit

Yesterday, I mentioned Galileo’s discovery concerning inertia. An object will continue to travel a straight line at a continuous speed unless some outside force acts upon it. Newton showed how this could be explained in terms of Gravity and the Moon. He showed that the Moon was kept in orbit by Gravity. In effect, its […]


Spiritual Physics

I am currently taking a course in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. The course is intended for people who are not scientists. The first six lessons deal in the physics that predates Einstein. When you boil it down to its essentials, the basics are very simple and direct. Physics progresses in a logic […]


Big World, Bigger Horizons

Many years ago, I knew a fellow who wanted to let life pass him by. He had been a successful fellow at one time. He ran part of an independent department store. Life threw him a curve. He allowed that to be his excuse to sideline himself. The man slept much of his day away, […]


A Theory of Everything

One of the things that physicists have sought is a theory to unify all theories. They call it a “theory of everything.” It is quite similar to a “unified field theory.” Albert Einstein had worked on it, hoping to unify Relativity with Quantum Theory. The latest attempt is called string theory. No matter what they […]


The Many, Not The One

The most common approaches to Heathenism are along the lines of most other religions. Rites, ceremonies and various devotions are practiced to celebrate the deities and various special occasions. There are devotional activities practiced to honor the deities. Other rites celebrate special occasions, such as births, marriages and funerals. A third type of observance takes […]


Making an Idea a Reality

Albert Einstein presented his Special Theory of Relativity in 1905. The Special Theory has its limits. He still had work to do to present the General Theory. Einstein’s problem was that he did not have the mathematical ability to do it. Realizing that he needed to learn the more complex systems of mathematics, Einstein went […]


The One Dollar Lesson

Look at a piece of paper currency. That piece represents a certain value. For instance, a one dollar bill represents a certain amount of value. A twenty dollar bill represents twenty times the value of the one dollar bill. The value is the same as the essence represented by the Fe Rune. One dollar is […]

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