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Heathenism for Lovers

Heathenism for Lovers Having written Heathenism for Adults and Heathenism for Thinkers, I come to a new topic. What about Heathenism for Lovers? Would that be a good subject? And if so, what would such a book entail? Thought and maturity make for good intellectual reading. They tend to be objective. Love? What would we […]


Science or Something Else?

We can assume that as our Universe can be comprehended through the regularity of its natural laws, we will find a similar consistency in the spiritual realm. The actions within the spiritual realm would logically arrange themselves around their own natural laws. One may even conclude that the physical natural laws of our current Universe […]


Handling Disaster – A Simple Plan of Action (plus video)

The adventure of the weekend is a case of me following my own advice. Here’s what I did. You can do the same if you get in a jackpot too big for you. 1) Act Quickly. Do not wait until things have gone too far. Call before it becomes incurable or beyond repair. A little […]


I’m not dead…Survived a Close Call

Saturday almost became my last day. A congestive heart failure put so much fluid and blood in my lungs that I choked. There was no room for air. The last thing I could do was shout “Call 911.” Then my air went out. It took another fifteen or twenty seconds before I could get air. […]


Bad News, Close call

Just got back from the hospital. Nearly got the ride across Bifrost on Saturday. I have to sort this thing out. One minute I was talking to my wife, the next I was choking and spitting up pink with a strong taste of blood. No lesson tonight. I need to rest. Never give up!


Heathen Faciltiies in the Future

(excerpted from a forthcoming book) At this time, the Heathenry are a scattered few. There is likely no place on Earth where one can fine one hundred or more Heathens within a ten mile radius. Gatherings are small. There has yet to be a gathering that comes near five hundred in number. Compare that with […]


Video: Dealing with Illness and Injury

Here is my latest video. It tells you how you can deal with illness and injury and its aftereffects. Believe me, I know from my own experience. And you can live effectively afterward, too. I tell you how. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwZT_LkZXO4


Sex, Morality and the Modern Heathen

(Excerpted from a forthcoming book on Heathenism and the Challenges of the Future) The cat has been let out of the bag in Western culture. The sexual repression of monotheism has been ripped asunder. Our society is more open and accepting of sex these days. That trend will continue. The issue of sex will become […]


Mist-Calf, Artificial Men, Robots and Cyborgs

Robots are fascinating characters. There were robots that looked a bit like cowboys in the 1935 Gene Autry movie about mysterious Thunder Riders, “The Phantom Empire”. One of the first famous robots was Robbie from the classic movie “Forbidden Planet.” Robbie variants showed up in several movies and television shows. The last of the Robbie-inspired […]


A Science of Miracles?

Science deals with objective phenomena through what are called quantitative means. In other words, it uses measurements and calculations to arrive at its conclusions. Part of scientific research revolves around causality. It asks: what action or thing begins a process? What causes a thing to be? What starts a process into motion? Science is not […]

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