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Meandering Fe

Were the Fe Rune to have a motion, it would be meandering and dissipating. I mean this in the sense of breaking off into smaller bits and wandering apart aimlessly. Fe needs to be controlled, corralled and directed. On its own, it will meander and scatter. This is not the scattering of Hagal, which is […]


Do Evil to be Good? Not really…..

Johnny Cash wrote a song about an inmate whose crime was to kill a person just to see someone die. Cash explained that he wanted to portray the person as doing the most evil thing possible. The sad fact is that there are thrill-killers who are little different than the man in the song. Serial […]


Lose to Win

People will strive very hard when there is a good, solid reward for their efforts. What happens if there is no reward, or worse, if winning feels lousy? I have mentioned this one adventure before. Many years ago, a pregnant ex-girlfriend came and asked for my help. She was alone and in a pretty sad […]


Facing a fight you do not know

Most of you know that one of my favorite sayings is”: “Life is Unfair.” I find it a very liberating thing. In my life prior to age 35, there was very little that could be construed as fair. Being adopted into a family of dysfunctional morons was just the beginning. I leaned at an early […]


Original Sin , a Silly Superstition

Christianity has a concept known as sin. In it, any wrongful act or thought a person can do is also a spiritual wrong. In effect, it is considered a personal offense against their God. Sin accrues a stigma. It is spiritual corruption, according to Christian doctrine. According to the sin lore, sin comes of two […]


Sacrificial Confusion

In the ancient times, rites and ceremonies were not isolated. They were held as part of a larger event. There was always a meal afterward. At large events with many people, animals were butchered just prior to cooking. Naturally, this meal was as much a part of the event as the rites. As such, butchering […]


A Specialized World Requires Specialized Solutions

Human civilization is an evolving thing. Our present society has changed and improved over the centuries. Ironically, it did this in spite of religion. The Christian churches opposed many of the things we accept today. Empirical science and secular governments were condemned by the churches, for example. The idea of a government in which the […]


Starting Right

Most of the world reckons January 1st as New Year’s Day. This would be the secular New Year, as opposed to the various religious and cultural reckonings of New Year’s Day. The Gregorian calendar is the international calendar and the official calendar of most nations. It has been so for Western nations for centuries. The […]

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