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Heathens, Yule and Christmas

Our Annual Yule Message A kindly reminder to our fellow Heathens, Odinists and Asatruar. Over the centuries, our conventional society and the Christian religion have adopted many Heathen themes for celebrating Christmas. The Christmas tree is an adaptation of a German custom honoring Yggdrasil and the Yule log of all the Northern lands. The snowflakes […]


The Expansive Personality of Thor

Yesterday, I told a story of something I had observed a long time ago. I had seen the same thing subsequently. The idea of Thor itself is somehow empowering. The God himself is expansive in many ways. Thor is closely related to the electro-magnetic principle. The nature of his electricity draws us to its source. […]


Thor’s Sparks

This happened at least 30 years ago. I was on the road one hot summer day. I wanted to get out of the car and stretch my legs, so I stopped in a gin mill to have a beer. The place was like any neighborhood tavern on a Saturday afternoon. Several men were talking. I […]


Occupy Fizzle

The “Occupy” movement is winding down. In several cities, the camps are being removed by force. Problems are creeping into their camps. For example, the homeless and street creeps are moving into several of the camps. Disease is also a problem as we enter the cold and flu season. The various Occupy camps have made […]


The Bayonet of Coincidence

I own a few combat knives and bayonets. Missing was the bayonet from my era. That would be the M7. I bid on one on Ebay earlier this past week. Something drew me to that particular bayonet as there were several offered. The bayonet arrived and brought a coincidence. Stenciled on the back of the […]


Leif the Cat passed

Our oldest cat, Leif, died last night. I found him on the floor this morning, as if he were resting. He was at least 13 years old. Last night he looked like he was having a little trouble with something, but it passed. Ironically, he was scheduled to go to trhe vet Saturday. Leif was […]

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